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5. The Light
28 days ago
3. Ihsu_DemoReel_2010
4 months ago
directed and music composed by Ihsu Yoon.
thesis project in MFA Computer Art Department in School of Visual Arts in 2010.



  • Simon Robson 28 days ago
    i hit like before the religious message came up...
  • Ihsu Yoon 27 days ago
    I see. But Thanks man!
  • andrearusky 23 days ago
    same did like after 20 seconds :-) (very cool.. especially at the beginning)
  • Simon Robson 27 days ago
    It's a great piece and incredibly proficient, really top flight stuff, but the religious message threw me. I guess there's a time and a place for these things. But kudos for you on a wonderful piece
  • candice 25 days ago
    I saw your work at the SVA mfa screening and I was completely blown away! Your work was so beautiful and inspiring to me. What software did you use to animate it?
  • Ihsu Yoon 25 days ago
    Thank you!
    I used 3dsmax with vray render, afterburn, realflow and aftereffects.
  • sanmar 19 hours ago
    did you used any plug in in after effect? for dof, blur and color?
  • that's stunning !
    Lov the global feeling, and color scheme ! it's hot ! : ))
  • Dimitris Christou 24 days ago
    What's wrong with the message? Loved it!
  • Blake Whitman staff 24 days ago
  • Stuart Maxwell 24 days ago
    Message seemed out-of-place and I did not welcome it. But until then my mind was blowing. Awesome and inspiring work!
  • ilovecut plus 24 days ago
    amazing. except for the religious message, kinda out of place.
    but the rest is amazing!
  • Meng Johnson plus 23 days ago
    This is DOPE! And I love the message! Awesome music too!
  • Parker Wilson plus 23 days ago
    Very cool visuals. I loved it. Have you considered having someone put sound design to this? I think it would REALLY make it sick.
  • KimiCo 23 days ago
    wow! awesome...what's really cool is that i got the message before the scripture at the end. i wasn't sure at first. i was prepared for my interpretation to simply be perception thru my own personal beliefs. so the ending was a happy surprise. very cool, very inspiring, very beautifully done. you have a real talent. thanks for sharing!

    by the way, it's always sad to me to see people like you berated (and even attacked) for expressing themselves when we are supposed to be advocates of freedom and individuality. but it's always inspiring to me to see people who are brave enough to do it anyway. that takes real strength of character. don't ever be discouraged. you can only be who you are no matter whether it's more trendy to be someone else or easier to be conventional. individuality is what gives our world color. atheists, buddhists, christians, black, asian, white...all of us-we all belong here and we deserve happy living. we may not agree with one another on every little thing, but in the end what's most important is love, doing what's right and good in this world regardless of faith or culture, coexisting in spite of our differences. this is what matters...we would never criticize a rose because it's petals are red instead of pink. both flowers are beautiful even though they are different.

    anyway, thanks again for this. i enjoyed it. :)
  • Geovoni 20 days ago
  • TronicStudio plus 23 days ago
    Great work Ihsu.

    - fredi
  • Ihsu Yoon 23 days ago
    Thanks man. I love your strong sense of design!
  • narelinn Vadim 23 days ago
    I'm drlighted!
  • Gabriel Kabik 23 days ago
    I'm not a Christian, but I can appreciate the way you use this burgeoning art form to express something that must be very important to you, instead of just making something pretty but says nothing about you or about anything really at all. It takes courage to put your beliefs out there, esp. in the art world, where it's not always welcomed or appreciated.
  • Michael Welborn 23 days ago
    Fantastic! 100%
  • Trey Cook 23 days ago
    Wow! Jaw dropping FX. Very well done. And love the credit.
  • ABE Film Shorts 23 days ago
    Very nice. I love the scripture at the end! You are very talented!!!
  • Spence Films plus 23 days ago
    Totally sick!
  • adasa 23 days ago
  • Mark Shumaker plus 23 days ago
    Your work is inspiring, thank you for sharing. Your praise was correctly given Mr. Yoon.

    "The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God."
    2Cor 4:4
  • Пётр 23 days ago
    Awesome. but as well, i think the message is out of context, art should've speak for itself. the message will keep dividing opinions just as religions divide humanity. But even though, great work!. Greetings from Mexico.
  • Ayrton Orio plus 23 days ago
    I'm flabbergasted by your work and the extraordinary abstract imagination you have to own to do such a work. A real visual symphony. I would pay cash to see that in 3D at the cinema...
    Any project of 3D rendering?
  • david fray 23 days ago
    [like the verse]
  • Ping 23 days ago
    Impressive , I like it.
  • Jen 23 days ago
    I think the message is not at all out of context because every bit of it must have been created according to what you believe in. I'm really glad and encouraged to see this kind of work, thank you! soli deo gloria.
  • Kevin Law 23 days ago
    awesome work.
    not sure why people feel the passage is out of place,
    to me it seems like it was the inspiration for the entire work.

    why not let others know the reason for the joy you have?
  • versa 23 days ago
    good message! tasteful and briliant work. it's good that many people not just feel the beauty of thiis work, but understand the beauty of God's message. good job!
  • Martin J. Rýznar 23 days ago
    Great! The message at the end is a bonus for me, as I had hoped during the sceening. Thank you.
  • cormaction 23 days ago
    Gorgeuous work. Fantastic lighting, mood, rendering and composition. Love this abstract type of style.
  • Snob le Bons 23 days ago
    oh c'mon. sick and slick and great animation, totally destroyed by that horrible quote about leadership and light? you should know better, you're studying at sva, please!
  • Blake Landry 19 days ago
    it is not destroyed. please leave your negative comments off of here. you are not helping anything by discriminating on someones beliefs .

    amazing work man. i loved every second!
  • motion list 23 days ago
    Added this to my motion blog.. Really nice work!
  • Mark Spencer 23 days ago
    Beautiful work
  • Juan Coronel 23 days ago
    Wow amazing work, and that was a great message from the gospal of John, wonderful.
  • sivupersoona 23 days ago
    Good looking stuff!
  • Jay Laville - LCP 23 days ago
    Awesome video and love the message very powerful
  • jordan bellamy 23 days ago
    I think it might help to put the scripture at the beginning. Otherwise it feels like a bait and switch trick. Absolutely amazing work though.
  • Found this true a tweet message.
    I'm impressed of the video and the message at the end...
  • Frank 22 days ago
    That's amazing. And props to you for adding the message at the end.
  • Christopher Nguyen 22 days ago
    this is just brilliant, man. pure brilliance. how long did it take you to make? let me guess...after affects, cinema 4d, etc? haha im interested in a grad program, been looking at NYU ITP. yours looks pretty awesome too.
  • Daniel Adams 22 days ago
    wicked shit, well done!
  • Steve Browning 22 days ago
    Absolutely wow! And I loved the message!
  • Michael Hatfield 22 days ago
    Awesome till about 3:13
  • MAK Khaldi 22 days ago
    it's awesome... amazing work... well done!
  • Peter 22 days ago
    Courage and Talent.
  • Carlo Maldonado 21 days ago
    It's funny to me that so many in the art industry get frustrated when people of faith infuse their beliefs into their work. If the ending would have said something about the environment then no one would have complained. I thought the ending actually pieced it all together. While the visuals were stunning I wasn't quite sure until the end what the meaning was. Then it completely made sense. Great work Ihsu.
  • lukas Meza 21 days ago
    HOLY shit! this is awesome
  • Patrick MacDonald 21 days ago
    This is beautiful. Love to see your messages at the end. Praise God!
  • Peihsi Kuo 21 days ago
    ... the second time i watched it is still amazing
    the movement is so subtle and powerful .fine
  • smtx 21 days ago
    yes awesome thats the word.
    Focused on so much detail and the message of the animation is also very good. *thumps up* 10 of 10
  • lowell 21 days ago

    Where else can you find an opportunity to discuss art and its origins? Isn't it good that art encourages feeling and the desire to respond instantly? Leaving us spellbound even after the initial viewing, we are encouraged, divided, united and perhaps attempt to 'live' a little bit more.

    Everyone who has contributed their opinion has done so with respect and civility. Bravo to you.
  • Gen X 20 days ago
    wooooooo asombroso!!
  • EUREKA MEDIOS 20 days ago
    Excellent work...majestic image and music...great metaphor.
  • Xyo 20 days ago
    When I look your work, I was thinking about AIDS, we could beat it.

    So it's a great metaphor then.
  • Mark Walczak 20 days ago
    Excellent job, excellent message. Keep up the great work!
  • Matt Duplessie plus 20 days ago
    this is what they call a work of art :)
  • jonathan kaiser 20 days ago
    brilliant. I love the scripture bro. don't worry about the haters!
  • Michael Brown 20 days ago
    Very impressive. If he message is from the heart, well said.
  • Jordan Taylor 20 days ago
    Yo Ihsu! this is sooo good man, I see those comments hating on the religious aspect and honestly thats wat makes it GREAT! Its cool to have all kind of nice pretty visuals but there needs to be substance and you definetly did that, and we as Motion media designers should know that. Its not about how pretty it is man anybody can make some pretty animations its about the CONCEPT, and you are very conceptual. I am sure you just brushed those negative comments to the side, but I just wanted to say that.

    Great work it has inspired me to keep on trucking and trying to learn 3D, even though imma be learning C4D not 3DS but its all good! Congrats
  • Ishu... First of all, Job well done. Immensely executed. You have provoked the minds of men, now that's what you call art beyond art itself.

    Second, one cannot please everybody. Well, if you read the scriptures then it wouldn't be a surprise for you - there will always be people allergic to Gods Word. But do you know that having them is a good thing?

    “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely BECAUSE OF ME. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you." Matthew 5:11-12

    Take courage Ishu. Continue to be the light and the salt of the world.

    God bless
  • H2O 1h 19 days ago
    So many things to say about Light experience... but words can't describe it as well as this masterpiece.

    You just drive me back to Him, Ihsu.

    THANK U (From soul)

    Celestial People Underground.
  • Frank Salinas 19 days ago
    Good job. It was amazingly well created and thought of. The text at the end straight out of the bible was a perfect touch. Thumbs up!
  • Rob Unfire 17 days ago
    Really incredibly pretty, very much enjoyed. Even as an atheist. ;) I'm glad you find this form of expression, regardless.
  • AtomicAtom 15 days ago
    To all the people off-put by the message: You are a cube infected by the ball of black. Don't worry though, Jesus still saves. You still have time to realize where good comes from.

    Great work! Finally somebody that has a point to their masterpiece other than self glorification. Kudos Ihsu!
  • brian fedirko 15 days ago
    playing this in the palm of my hand on a Droid is time out of mind.

    i'll be watching this repeatedly

    thank you
  • thablackyoutube 15 days ago
  • Hena Kim 15 days ago
    I like the lighting.. and music is also beautiful.
    The final message touched my heart ... thanks for the great work.
  • holke79 plus 15 days ago
  • Dan Nelson 15 days ago
    WOW! I love it. I am going to play this at my youth group!
  • Darren James 14 days ago
    Brilliant piece of film, the msg at the end though may have outshone(no pun intended), the work as from reading the comments, the msg has obviously brought in "that" topic rather than chat mostly about your work. Even I am doing it now, but that's not a criticism, its a response, and in every piece of art we hear or see, to talk about it is much more meaningful and memorable than ignoring it. Again though brilliant awe inspiring memorable video. Thank you for sharing.
  • Matthew Lawless 13 days ago
  • Paul E. 12 days ago
    I actually thought it might be a christian piece around 50% through, was putting all the pieces together.. and then it was confirmed with that passage. It was pretty grand.
  • Paolo Valenciano 10 days ago
    love it!
  • Erich Burchfield plus 7 days ago
    Congrats on having this be a Vimeo Favorite Ihsu, it defiantly deserved it.
  • Salomon 22 hours ago
    wow! INSANE dude. this is powerful!
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