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03 June 2010

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01 June 2010

Akrapovic exhausts rocked Glen Helen:

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19 May 2010

Akrapovic Windows 7 Themes:

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Our Story

1990: Company founded by Igor Akrapovic, based on racing experience


The Akrapovic (pronounced "Ack-rap'-o-vich") company was founded in 1990, based on the experience gained in the field of motorcycle tuning by Igor Akrapovic. His knowledge comes from his own personal experiences and observations, as he himself often tested the results of his work as a motorcycle racer on the track. He capped a successful ten-year career with numerous championship titles in the F1 and SBK classes on both the national and international levels. His ceaseless desire to create and exceptional feeling for four-stroke motors, especially racing motors, has made the Akrapovic name famous throughout the world.

In the search for perfection in tuning racing motorcycles, he was confronted with an insurmountable problem. There simply were no high-quality exhaust systems available to the public which could meet extreme technical demands. The systems which were available were for the most part poorly made, with the main parts usually welded together, and usually with excessively thick pipe walls. It was considered a success if the system at least came close to fitting onto the bike for which it was intended. Technically superior exhaust systems were astronomically expensive and difficult for the average customer to obtain. For Akrapovic, whose perfectionism is well-known, there was no choice. He had to go into the field of manufacturing exhaust systems himself.

1994: Entry into international competition - ESBK, WSBK


At the beginning the company produced totally custom exhaust systems for private racing teams. Even then, in 1990, they were exceptional examples in their class, standing out from other exhaust systems. This got the attention of most of the teams competing on the Pro Superbike circuit. This was at the time a very high ranking class, just below the Superbike World Championship. In 1993 the firm Kawasaki Deutschland responded to an invitation to test our exhaust systems. After testing a model which had not been developed for that particular bike, but assisted by the exceptional talent of Mr. Akrapovic, it was clear that our system was better than the factory system. This was a huge breakthrough and the beginning of major cooperation with numerous teams in the Pro Superbike championship (Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, Honda), in which we enjoyed a string of wins and championship titles in the ensuing years.

1997: Name changed from “Skorpion in Scorpion” to “Akrapovic”

1997 - Akrapovič logo

A trendy name which was no different from those of many other exhaust systems no longer suited our purposes and did not suit the product which it stood for. Another problem was its similarity to other registered trademarks around the world. We decided to replace the Skorpion name, which was already well-known among enthusiasts, with something completely unique, as befit the product. The logical answer was to use the name of the founder of the company, Igor Akrapovic. The unique and somewhat exotic brand name, which characterizes the product, was well-received among the public. Although at the time we were not completely sure that our decision was correct, today we know it was an excellent move.

1997: First victory in WSBK

Akira Yanagawa

Our first victory in an individual SBK race was won in 1997 by Japanese Akira Yanagawa on a Kawasaki.

1999: Company moves from workshop to new factory

1999 - New factory

In less than a decade our small workshop-style company has risen to worldwide prominence on the basis of resounding successes. Huge growth and demand for fast and major developments were at first difficult to accommodate. The spatial restrictions of our 450 m2 workshop accelerated our need for expansion. In the same year we moved into what then seemed a luxurious factory with a floor space of 3000 m2. In moving to our new factory, we also moved the warehouse from Germany to the seat of the company in Slovenia. In the 1999 season every single Japanese team in the Superbike World Championship used Akrapovic exhaust systems.

2000: WSBK - all Japanese factory teams use Akrapovic exhaust systems // First world championship title in WSBK

Colin Edwards

Our first SBK world championship title was taken in 2000 by Colin Edwards on his Castrol Honda SP-01, and in the same year we became champions in the 600 SS class with Yamaha and Joerg Teuchert. Akrapovic exhaust systems are starting to be used by everyone who understands the importance of using top-quality components in extreme race conditions. Our entry into the SBK World Championship was followed by victories in important national championships: the American AMA Superbike and the Japanese All Japan Superbike Championship. In the year 2000 our exhaust systems were also used by the Aprilia factory team.

2002: Entry into MotoGP class - cooperation with Honda, Kawasaki and Aprilia factory teams

2002 - Moto GP class

Our quick entry into the most prestigious class in four-stroke motorcycle racing motivated and encouraged us towards even more intensive development, and gave us invaluable feedback which we added to our store of experience. In less than a decade our small workshop-style company has risen to worldwide prominence on the basis of resounding successes. We have constantly upgraded our production and invested the largest amount of funds into modernizing our machines and educating our workforce. Computers have long been our constant companions in the 3-D planning of configurations, programming of tools, computer-aided manufacture, and as an indispensable accessory in the testing department for the analysis and setting of all possible parameters.

2004: First contact with automobile industry

We developed and equipped exhaust system for Formula 1 race car that was used by one of the racing teams.

2007: Company restructure and new corporate image

2007 - Company restructure and new corporate image

Our age is an age of symbols. These often abstract forms take on the essence and the core of what they represent. They include the philosophy and the values of what is presented. Companies have their symbols too - logos. And Akrapovic has one as well. The concept of a scorpion, the leading motif of our logo, originates from the surname of the company’s founder Igor Akrapovic (in Turkish Akrap means Scorpion). Combined with the company’s philosophy that is aimed at excellence and quality, the image creates a recognizable whole, so new Akrapovic logo is:

  • Contemporary
  • Corporate 
  • Archetypal (cross in the logo)
  • Pictogramic (visibility of scorpion as the starting point of the logo)
  • Technologically superior (reflecting the achievements of the company)
  • Unique/exclusive
  • Communicative 
  • Sporty and at the same time sophisticated

Company was restructured from Limited liability company (Akrapovic d.o.o.) to Closed joint-stock company (Akrapovic d.d.).

2008: First contact with automobile industry

2004 - First contact with automobile industry

We achieved first victory in sport car racing with Manthey-Racing  Porsche 997 RSR Team at the prestige BF Goodrich Long Distance Championship and the ADAC 24-Hour Race at Nürburgring.

We are also involved in Porsche Sport Cup, where Porsche cars, both traffic-permitted and those modified for racing, compete at six fully licensed and unlicensed series. These series are battled on six different weekends and at six renowned racing circuits, i.e., on Formula 1 race tracks Hockenheimring, Nürburgring and Spa.


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