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Business Opportunities in Monterrey

Monterrey at a Glance

Monterrey, a city of approximately 3.8 million people, was named by Fortune magazine as the best city in Latin America in which to do business. The city was ranked second-best to do business in Mexico in 2005 and is currently ranked as the third best by the “América Economía” magazine. 

13, 251 companies in Monterrey produce 9.4 percent of Mexico's manufactured products and 30% of Mexico's manufactured exports. Monterrey accounts for about 95% of the State of Nuevo Leon's GDP and 8.6% of Mexico's GDP.

Monterrey controls more than half of Mexico’s total industrial assets, if you exclude the telecom and oil monopolies (Telmex and Pemex).

The GDP of the State of Nuevo Leon is USD 105 billion.  The total GDP of the seven states covered by the Monterrey office is approximately USD 211 billion. 

Imports into these seven states are very high due to the area's strong manufacturing base, and geographical proximity to the U.S. Imports are estimated at USD 20 billion in goods alone, approximately 74% of which are of U.S. origin. 

With more than 30,000 firms, Nuevo Leon is the production leader in many important sectors of the Mexican economy controlling:

  • 75% of the national production of glass containers
  • 60% of national cement production
  • 60% of national, artificial, and synthetic fiber production
  • 50% of national beer production
  • 50% of national ceramics production
  • 25% of the national production of basic steel
  • 70% of household appliances

Recognize any of these names?
American Express, Amway, Baker & McKenzie, Bank of America, Carrier, Caterpillar, Chrysler, Donnelly, GE, GM, Honeywell, IBM, John Deere, JC Penney, Kohler, Korn/Ferry International, KPMG, Kimberly Clark, Lucent, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Pinkerton, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Trane, Toyota, Visteon, Wayerhaeuser, York

They are already doing business in Nuevo Leon. Can your company afford to miss out on this important market?

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