Mahabodhi Centre Tawang
Mahabodhi Kalyanamitra Social Welfare Centre is a blooming branch of Maha Bodhi Society, Bangalore. It was started on May Buddha Purnima in 2008. The Mahabodhi Centre Tawang has bought 4 acres of land in a village called Teli which is about 10 kms away from the main town where the centre is being built. A home for elders is under construction. We have a small Dhamma family of 4 members at the moment working for this project.

Where is this project?
The site of the project is located on a mountain at a village called Teli which is a distance of 10 kms from Tawang, the district headquarter. Tawang is moored high up in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas at 3500, in the State of Arunachal Pradesh in the north-east of India. Tawang district (approximately 2,085 kmē) is surrounded by Tibet in the north east, Bhutan in the south-west and West Kameng district in the south-east.

What the Mahabodhi Centre wants to do?
Mahabodhi Home for Elders
There is a strong need to open an Old Age Home in the district. The district experiences an extreme type of climatic condition. During such seasons sheltering and caring for the elders becomes a challenge. The so called busy life in the modern world is also a cause for need of a home for the elders. The children of the old parents are rather unable to find time to care and meet the needs of the aging parents.

Everything cannot be perfect in human lives, there is always the two sides of the same coin. Some elders are gifted with good and caring sons and daughters but on the other hand there are less fortunate elders and are in need of desperate help. The proposed old age home will serve as a dream come true to these less fortunate elders, hence instilling in them the joy of living where they will not only get accommodation and other facilities but also gain spiritual guidance in their last days so that they can live peacefully and pass away peacefully.

The home for 20 elders is under construction with the help of friends from Europe and will be ready by the end of February 2010.

Mahabodhi Children Home (11 to 18 yrs old)
We also want to start a hostel for poor children coming from remote villages with accommodation, food and medical care free of cost. This will help those children who are coming from remote villages to Tawang for their higher studies and cannot rent a room or feed themselves. These children living in our hostel will go to government and other private schools for their studies like other children. Apart from the facilities like accommodation etc., we will impart them special classes, moral and character building education, etc.

The Centre will provide the following:

  • Free lodging, food, and clothing for elders in the Home
  • Free lodging, food, and clothing for children in the hostel
  • Free medical health care for all
  • Recreational programs
  • Meditation and yoga sessions for sound body and mind
  • Character building education for children.

    Activities run at present
  • Daily chanting and meditation sessions
  • Conducting free medical camps in the remote villages
  • Conducting Dhamma and meditation programs in schools
  • Distributing medicine and cloths for poor in the villages
  • Every Sunday Dhamma programs
  • Yoga for good health
  • Reconciliation meetings between the elderly and their own children and their grandchildren to create a true parent-child relationship so that broken relations are re-united
  • Gardening
  • Organizing transportation for old people in remote village to participate in the local religious festivals as elders are usually denied such chances since they are living in remote areas and such activities will make them feel part of the society.
  • Special classes for children

    Venerable Bhikkhu Panyarakkhita
    Ven.Panyarakkhita was instrumental in starting this center and worked hard to get the land and develop the project. He is also giving teachings on Dhamma.

    Budget for the proposed projects:

    Construction Rupees Euro 1 = Rs.65
    Construction of Old age Home for 24 people

    Plinth area 5704.92 Sq.ft (530 m2)
    1 Cost of construction (70% Material + 30% labor cost) @ Rs.574 per Sq.Ft.(Rs.6173 per m2) 32,71,799.30 50330.00
    2 Water connection & sanitation 12.50% of construction cost 4,08,974.91 6290.00
    3 Electrical installations 17..5% of construction cost 5,72,564.88 8800.00
    Total cost of old age home Rs.42,53,339.09 65,435.00

    Construction of Hostel for 44
    1 Plinth area 2421.90 Sq.ft (225 m2)
    2 Cost of construction (70% Material + 30% Construction cost) @Rs.574 per Sq.Ft.(Rs.6173 per m2) 13,90,228.00 21388.00
    3 Water connection & sanitation 12.50% of construction cost 1,73,778.25 2670.00
    6 Electrical installations 17.5% of construction cost 2,43,289.90 3742.00
    Total cost of Hostel 18,07,296.15 27800.00

    How you can help us:
  • Donate for the construction
  • Elder's Home (Construction started already) Rs.42,53,339.09 (@65 Euro-65,435.00
  • Children's Hostel Rs.18,07,296.15 Euro-27800.00
  • Sponsor an Elder Rs.2600.00 Euro-40.00
  • Sponsor a child Rs.1700.00 Euro-26.00
  • Donate warm clothes, school books etc.

    Our immediate needs:
  • Water connection = Rs. 200000.00 Euro: 3076.00
  • Mini bus (20 Seater) = Rs.1000000.00 Euro: 15384.00 (It will be used to carry children to the schools and to the hospital during emergency)
  • Vehicle (for material transportation) Rs.650000.00 Euro: 10000.00
  • Build a guest house Rs.700000.00 Euro: 10769.00
  • Build a stupa/shrine (for elders) Rs.1000000.00 Euro: 15384.00

    You could help us by donating full or partly or any amount that you wish you for any of these projects. No amount is small! Thank you.

    Our Future plans
  • To provide free ambulance service in the remote villages
  • To extend and turn the hostel into a school
  • To build a temple and meditation centre
  • To start a medical centre for poor people
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