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Posted on March 17, 2009 8:00 AM by Joel Comm

I've seen some really clever things done with ads on the Web.

I've seen some pretty dumb things too, like whack-a-mole banners and flashing skyscrapers that make you want to look anywhere but at the ad.

But some of the ideas have been incredibly creative. When Kontera first wheeled out its system, I loved the fact that its ads were so unobtrusive.

When Chitika created its eMiniMalls and then its Premium ads, I thought the range of products and the slick animation would make them sure winners.

Since then I've seen companies experiment with ads layered over images and now Google has brought out expandable ads - rich media commercials that get bigger when the user interacts with them.

These are all great ideas and they all help to create a firmer foundation for advertising on the Web - something we all need.

But even the smartest idea doesn't change the fundamentals.

Ultimately, success as an online publisher depends on good content and relevant, well-optimized ads.

Advertising companies like Google and Chitika and Kontera give us the tools to monetize our pages but it's up to us to create the pages on which those systems sit, and learn how to use them.

I wish I could say that was simple. It is simple to get up and running. But to get moving in the direction that you want to go, to make sure that you stay on track and to find a way to run at the fastest speed that you're capable of reaching takes learning and experience.

That begins by understanding what sort of content your readers are interested in the most. You can try to guess that if you want. But you'll be better off looking at your server stats and seeing which pages were the most popular, where your users are coming from and what they're searching for. And you'll need to know how to create the sort of informative, entertaining content that keeps them coming back for more.

And optimizing your ads is a matter of experience, knowledge and testing. It takes a little time and a bit of reading but it's something that needs to be done if you're serious about making the most of the opportunities online.

I love the fact that companies are working hard to improve the ad systems that we can use. I just don't expect them to replace the work that I have to do as a publisher.

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  1. Palash Basak Says:

    I completely agree with you, Joel! Ultimately it is your content which creates traffic to your site!

  2. Chris Says:

    Indeed, content will always be king. Until someone creates the ultimate bot that passes the Turing Test then this will never change.

    Incidentally, speaking of basics, one of the easiest ways to increase your CTR on a simple banner is to put a sentence of hyperlinked call-to-action text underneath it.

    I learned this when I used to make, ahem, adult sites :) But what surprises me most is how few people use this strategy on regular content sites and blogs. Effective and yet so simple.


  3. Erica Says:

    There are few things that can compete with experience. Publishers can learn from their predecessors' mistakes only to make their marketing/ advertising tactics that much better.

  4. David Says:

    Yes, that is it. Contents is the only thing publishers can really do that will bring in traffic. Not the videos, not pictures, and not ever the well positions ads.And it takes a consistences posting of these contents.

  5. kim Says:

    Unique and fresh content + Good niche + good ads emplacement = Money

  6. KyndaLL Says:

    Original and more content is very important. It is how you are constructive with your words.

  7. ocha Says:

    Companies are getting better with the ads they create but as you say, it is still up to us to create content. With all the automation that allows us to feed the content into our sites, I still think the best method, to get returning visitors, thus customers, is when we sit down at our computers and do the writing ourselves.

    Use the tools we have but don't get to where you rely on them to the point that you forget how to put together an article or thought that people will understand and enjoy.

  8. Tom Lindstrom Says:

    The hardest part as a blog-publisher is to find relevant and useful content to post on a daily basis.Forums are great places to see what people are talking about and this can often lead to a post on your blog.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for sharing....yes my focusing on google ads....sontent and social media tools

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Content is king and basically it's what keeps your readers glued to your blog. You can rest assured that you get targeted traffic if you know how to provide good content. :)

  11. Susan Connors Says:

    HI there Joel

    Here is one glaring error error I am making - at the moment I have no adds on my marketing blog.

    I want to get quality ones - affiliate programs etc - not sure of the size etc.

    So I know this sounds dumb - a webs resource with no adds not selling anything.

    The purpose of the blog was to get people interested and its working.

    So to add another dimension to it, I have to look at revamping the layout again and seeing what else I can add or take away to improve my readers experience.

    After all its not about "me" - its whats in it for the readers when they come to the blog.

    All the best

    Susan Connors

  12. Jack Says:

    Hi all... I am new to baynet too.Of course, I quit reading and posting on the some blogs & forums. I won't go into details becuase I am sure most of you know why...
    it will take a little time to get use to this interface, but I think I can manage..

  13. Peter Lamb Says:

    Really good input. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

  14. James Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing...

    Very good post.

  15. Imran Says:

    Excellent informative post but i just felt that few things are repeated in your different post

  16. free online adventure games Says:

    I think the idea of building content BEFORE the advertising campaign to get revenue is to build a relationship based on trust and sincerity with you and the readers. Personally, unless an advertisement was really interesting, I'm generally turned off by ads on a webpage, so having that relationship with the advertiser is important.

  17. work at home Says:

    As everybody said "Content is King", for better success on blogging we have to make some fresh and unique content on our blog. This will increase our blog readership and also money by advertisement.

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