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RB Scott Agrees To Terms
June 2, 2010 | Last Updated: 6/2/10 8:46 AM ET | Comments (13)

Running back Charles Scott, drafted in the sixth round in April, has agreed to terms on a four-year deal, the team announced on Wednesday morning. Scott, a product of LSU, was the 200th player taken in April's draft and the Eagles think he has a chance to help the team with his size and his running ability between the tackles.

The 5 feet 11, 238-pound Scott was the 200th overall pick after rushing for 2,317 yards and 32 touchdowns at LSU. In his junior season in 2008, Scott gained first-team all-SEC honors after running for 1,174 yards and 18 touchdowns in 13 games. In 2009, he led the team with 542 yards and 4 touchdowns before missing the final four games with a fractured right clavicle.

Scott is the first of the Eagles' 13 draft picks to agree to contract terms.

-- Posted by Dave Spadaro, 8:44 a.m., June 2
RB Scott Agrees To Terms
5:56 pm ET
4 year deal to a guy with a broken collarbone last year...just like a 2 year deal to a guy with 2 acl's and now a rat...why does the front office keep investing in guys who IF they heal will greatly help this team...and IF Scott works out,in 2 years he'll be screaming for a better deal...constant deja vu with these upper management guys
3:39 pm ET
The only way the Eagles dont keep Bell is if he gets horribly injured. They have a veteran presence with Weaver but i dont know if they'd be comfortable with Mccoy, and two rookies...or Mccoy Buckley and a rookie...Bell is going to be the 2nd RB, the only real question is who the 3rd is going to be... and seeing that they drafted Scott....hmmmm.
11:57 pm ET
I don't whos running the ball as long as Reid make sure this team gets the running game involve,, it does not matter how many RB with have or how good they are if we don't get done.... Andy Reid should be challenge to Run the ball 60 % of the time maybe we get 40%
8:11 pm ET
Charles Scott reminds me of Duce and has almost the same build. Strong battle for the RB's this camp. Eldra Buckley looked good in times given last year, have'nt seen alot of Martell Mallett, seen Mike Bell a lot last year with his former team. All these guys will for sure help out the Eagles running game this year with McCoy and Weaver. Hard call to say who stays.
6:59 pm ET
ernie sims at linebacker was a steal for us in that 3 team trade. a 5th round draft pick? i'd say we improved our defense decently.
6:35 pm ET
yeah i agree with you nfc.. buckley looks to be a good short yardage back.We should of gave him more carries last season.- Him staying with us with a crowded backfield already seems unlikely. Cloontang I would like to see riley make the team to. I can see him being an impact player in this league
3:56 pm ET
I like Scott, he should be a bruiser. I hate to say it but i think Buckley is gonna be a nice pick up for another team after training camp.
3:49 pm ET
nice. we need to sign cooper
2:52 pm ET
Love this signing, this was a big steal for us in the 6th round. With Mccoy, Bell, and now Scott this is a dangerous backfield for long yardage situations and deff helps us Void that short yardage situation completely
1:11 pm ET
From Your Uncle Donald & Aunt Lucille, We would like to thank god and the Eagles for giving you the chance to show your Talent to the world. We love and wish you the Best !! Go Eagles !! #38
12:57 pm ET
I agree, we have more talent this year then I can ever remember. The Offense is going to be sick! Long since the days of The "McNabb and Westbrook's" Eagles. This RB Tandem is a lot like Duce, Westbrook, and Buckhalter; with the exception that(Great)Scott is a bigger back then Duce and Buck. I am starting to see the picture here guys. Use McCoy as the Flash and Bell and (Great)Scott as the Boom. We have been plagued for years (Since Duce left) unable to pick up 1-2 yards on the ground. Westy and buck were both too small to do it. I think McCoy is too small as well. Bell is more like Buck but (Great)Scott will knock people on their butts. Add that to our Receiving corps and our offense will be hard to beat. Only Question to me (Again) Is Defense! Did we do enough? I know we are getting A LOT back from Injury and Graham and Nate Allen, will do great. I think Lindley looks a lot like Samuel with his takeaways/speed and I LOVE the Energy that Te'o-Neshiem has. But did we do enough?
12:25 pm ET
Yea, and if he didn't get hurt he would have been a MUCH higher draft pick. The Birds were lucky to get him in the 6th round! We must be getting better because I said this is the best group of WR's we've had, then I said the same thing about the TE's and now I say the same thing. This is the best group of RB's the Birds have had in a long time. Progress!!!!!! Go Birds!
8:59 am ET
One down, twelve to go.

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