Press Release 02 June 10

German Campaign Takes On Multi-Million Dollar Environmental Smear Machine 
Berlin Manhattan Institute launches 'Green Freedom' project to refute 
radical propaganda, set record straight

BERLIN, 02 June – Today, the Berlin Manhattan Institute (BMI) launched the 'Green Freedom' campaign to refute false claims and stem the tide of harmful policies perpetuated by European Green NGOs. Explaining the high stakes of Green Freedom's mission – defending the developing world's means of eradicating poverty and developing wealth – BMI Executive Director Wolfgang Müller released the following statement:
"On top of the incredible obstacles already faced by disadvantaged peoples and free enterprise businesses across the developing world, efforts to raise living standards of millions living in poverty are now being undermined by radical scare tactics deployed by Green NGOs. Collectively, this 'green' smear machine funnels millions of dollars into dubious campaigns and lobbying efforts that ultimately lead to unnecessary human suffering and stifled economic growth.
"Under the veneer of promoting environmental stewardship, 'green' pressure groups have dominated the European public policy debate on climate change, agriculture and forestry.  In the name of nature for decades they exerted massive pressures on political actors and businesses. The effects of this dubious lobbying have spilled beyond the EU's borders, now dictating development policies in emerging economies.
"To get a sense of the detrimental impact these Western radicals have on the developing world, look no further than an everyday product like paper. Despite the fact that the UNFCCC recognizes sustainable forest land development as a cost-effective way of absorbing carbon emissions, green activists rail against pulp, paper and other-forestry companies in the developing world, especially from Indonesia. If they have their way, this blanket anti-forestry mandate would raise serious economic development and food security questions for millions living in tropical nations, and sentence them to a life of destitute and despair.
"Our 'Green Freedom' campaign seeks to counter the baseless claims made by the well-funded Green Movement, to point out the damage done by these policies to people at home and around the world, and to promote a balanced approach to environmental issues based on sound research and science rather than propaganda."
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