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Full Coms Scripts




Does this site look like a rip off of one of the gamespy network sites?


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Fr3aK Script
Kazza Script v2.1

Jivemans Script v5

Config name: Evil script
Description: eVilScript comes complete with a permanent onscreen comms system and command feedback system. This script contains many controversial aliases, many of which were included for the sake of scripting. Please consider the use of these scripts with care. (The demo pipe trick scipts, soldier DRJ, and HWG auto balancing script are examples of scripts I dont use in public/clan games)


(eVilAsmodeous): the scripts are intertwined.. inseperable.. .the plugin script is completely seperate (eVilAsmodeous): eVilComms is the plugin one..
(eVilAsmodeous): for people who dont use my script

here - Evilscript
here - Evilcomms

With thanks to: eVilAsmodeous (resident scripter)


Config name: Fr3aK Script
Description: place the files enclosed into your sierra/half-life/tfc directory and thenuse f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 f8 f9 f10 f11 f12 to use the oppriate cfg for the map. (his spellings worse than mine - huckS)

Download: here

With thanks to: Fr3aK


Config name: Kazza Script v2.1

1) complex comms made simple....comms script v2.1
2) simple defence warning script
3) guide to scripts and binds.

Download: here

With thanks to: Dr Kazza


Config name: Jivemans Script v6


-------quote from smellfire --------
Jive has informed me there is a very minor error in the soldier.cfg. 8 lines from the bottom. Cut and paste this line in to replace the old one or just add " to the end of the line :
-------quote from smellfire --------

Credits:- Thanks to: Valve for ruining the worlds best game.
[CSC]Smellfire-Strauss for hosting my script on Smellfire's fort.
[CSC]Razz-Ravel for giving me the idea of meta keys (should this be a thankyou?).
[PVC]Mr Evil for help when I started with the map/class aliases and letting me completely rip off his spy script.
TJ for hints and bug finding.
[FA]MATRIX for telling me the problems.
You for using these :)

Download: here

With thanks to: Jiveman aka Jivem0ng




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