Buddhism with its culture based on compassion and peace saw its golden era at the time of Emperor Ashoka. But by 12th Century A.D it began to decline and inimical forces actively worked for its disappearance. Many centuries later the Venerable Anagarika Dharmapala undertook the stupendous task of revival of Buddhism and Buddhist culture.

In 1891 he initiated a movement for revival by establishing the Maha Bodhi Society. With branches set up in many parts of the world, the Society continues its noble work "for the good of the many, for the benefit of the many". He was born in Colombo in 1864 and passed away in 1933.

Then in 1956 Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita, a Buddhist monk with profound knowledge and experience about the teachings of the Buddha founded Maha Bodhi Society, Bangalore. This is a main Buddhist Institution in whole of South India. Seeing the urgent need for training good monks, he established the Mahabodhi Sangharama, which has trained many monks from all over the world, who are continuing their effort to serve the cause of Buddha Dhamma, particularly in the land of its origin, India.

50 long years have passed rendering manifold spiritual and humanitarian services both in India and abroad as well as giving Dhamma discourses and conducting meditation courses, running educational institutions and medical centers, publishing books, monthly magazines etc.

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