Mahabodhi School is situated in a serene area of Saraswathipuram, Mysore. The school provides HOLISIC EDUCATION in an atmosphere of love and care allowing the children to grow naturally and happily developing intelligence, compassion and wisdom and every stage. Mahabodhi School is managed and run by Mahabodhi Maitri Mandala, Bangalore, an NGO engaged in several social welfare activities all over India.

HOLISTIC EDUCATION is to bring about total personal evolution, physical fitness, emotional balance and strength, social responsibility, cultural richness, Spiritual growth of a child. This is achieved.

This is achieved through:

  • 1. Buildings of character based on moral and spiritual principles constituting the foundations of happiness and peace.
  • 2. Academic studies, which fulfills one's intellectual thirst and also helping a person to find one's profession in the life of help oneself and others.
  • 3. Caring inner environment and outer environment, which includes relationship with people and nature around one self.

    Meditation and Moral Values: Mahabodhi School gives very high importance to moral values. For this the following five basic principles called 'Pancha Sheela' are taught:
  • 1. Not to kill or harm any living being but to save and love all living beings.
  • 2. Not o take what is not given but to share and give what one can
  • 3. Not to look others with perverted view but consider everybody as brothers and sisters.
  • 4. Not to tell lies and harsh words but to tell truth and useful words
  • 5. Not o spoil the mind by intoxicants but to brighten it with meditation.

    The school starts and ends with 10-minute meditation. Everyday week there is also a group meditation where all the staff and children meditate together. Meditation teachers from India and abroad are invited to conduct meditation camps. His way the school offers facilities for personal, physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual growth in a balanced way, which is the motto of the school: HOLISTIC EDUCATION FOR HAPPINHESS AND EXCELLENCE

    The Glimpse of History
    In 1957 Ven. Acharya Buddharakkhita established an institute called SILAYATANA-Institute of Moral Education, Meditation classes and moral lessons were given an informal way to all age groups. In 1984 a small kindergarten was started in a humble way, which was run for several years and was upgraded to primary school under the guidance of Shri Sreerangaraju, DPI. In 1992 it was planned to up grade the school to full fledged high school. Since then every year one class was increased.

    The years of Development:
    In the initial years the infrastructure was the biggest problem. In 1998 there was a breakthrough when foundation stone was laid for the new building. In the following years a beautiful building came up with adequate space for all classes. This was made possible by the kind donation of Ms. Monica Thaddey of Switzerland who believes that education along with moral values is the need of hour. Since Mahabodhi School has the same aim she wholeheartedly helped us to build he school. In 2001 the first floor was completed and in 2003 an auditorium was completed which is named after the founder Ven. Acharya Buddharakkhita. The school got 'No-Objection Certificate' from Karnataka government to run CBSE School and therefore the school follows NCERT syllabus and is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

    Moral Education Classes
    The School is unique in the sense that morning and evening meditation periods are held everyday, a nicer way to start and close the school. Monks from Mahabodhi Monastery go to school everyday to take the moral education classes. Every Wednesday for one period whole of school has meditation time when all the staff and children are developing in awareness, peace and compassion.

    Extra Curricular Activities
    The school gives great importance to extra curricular activities as children learn better through different methods. Children have more opportunities to learn and express their talents and creativity. One factor that runs throughout the school time is JOY.

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