Mahabodhi Nalanda Vijjayatana
The Mahabodhi Nalanda Vijjayatana is one of the important activities of Mahabodhi Society imparting academic and spiritual education to the monks from their young age. The institute aims to give ancient Nalanda Buddhist University system of education, which became popular in all Buddhist learning centers throughout the world. The institute has 24 teachers and 120 students from all over India. The students who are above 15 years age are admitted. They are provided with boarding, lodging, food, health care, educational facilities etc.

The students study the following subjects:

  • 1. Buddhist ethics and Monastic discipline (Vinaya Pitaka)
  • 2. Life of the Buddha and Jataka stories.
  • 3. Comprehensive course on Pali language.
  • 4. History of Pali language and literature
  • 5. Sutta Pitaka = Discourses of the Buddha
  • 6. Memorization of Pali Paritta (protective) suttas.
  • 7. Abhidhamma Pitaka = Buddhist Psychology
  • 8. Buddhist meditation
  • 9. Buddhist social philosophy, culture and civilization.

    The following courses are conducted at Mahabodhi Nalanda Vijjayatana:
  • 1. Nalanda Pali Vijjayatana: Primary and secondary school education, from class one to class ten, on completion of which PSLC (Pali School Leaving Certificate is awarded.
  • 2. Pariyatti Pathama: Equivalent to pre-university diploma course.

    Yet to be started are:
  • 3. Pariyatti Majjhima : Equivalent to Bachelor's degree (with the title Dhamma Kusalo)
  • 4. Pariyatti Osana: Equivalent to Master's degree (with the title Dhamma pandito)
  • 5. Dhammacariyo: Equivalent to PHD (with the title Achariya)

    The propagation of the Buddha's teaching started with the 60 enlightened monks. Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita believes that well trained, good monks alone play the key role in the propagation of the Dhamma. Hence the training of monks is of great importance. So he started the Mahabodhi Bhikkhu training center in Bangalore, which today has the strength of 120 monks hailing from all parts of India and belonging to 20 different ethnic groups & Buddhist tribes.

    The Center is the first of its kind in whole of India where monks are trained from their early age till they can guide and help others on the spiritual path. Monks are not only taught Dhamma but they are also given practical training in various spiritual and humanitarian activities such as:

  • 1. Buddhist meditation practices
  • 2. Giving talks on Buddhism.
  • 3. Memorization of suttas and preaching dhamma.
  • 4. Monastery management,
  • 5. Setting up and running Buddhist institutions etc.
  • 6. Organizing religious events
  • 7. Conducting dana services and patient counseling
  • 8. Buddhist painting and artistic skills
  • 9. Buddhist religious and cultural programs

    There are three levels of ordination
  • 1. Anagarika Ordination : On admission they are given Anagarika ordination and candidates will remain as Anagarikas for 2-4 years, depending on their age and learn all the basic things in Vinaya and Dhamma.
  • 2. Samanera Ordination: Those who have completed certain level of study and practice discipline get ordained as Samaneras.
  • 3. Bhikkhu Ordination: On attaining 20 years of age and completing all the basic studies and practice monks get ordained as Bhikkhus.

    Mahabodhi Monastic Library contains many collections of books from all parts of the world written by various well-known Buddhist scholars and writers. The monks are encouraged to study these books and to do research on the Pali canon, Tipitaka, and in other Buddhist fields, i.e., Buddhist History, Culture, Civilization, Traditions etc.

    The books are divided into the following sections:
  • 1. Books on the Sacred Buddhist scriptures (Tipitaka) and the commentaries and sub-commentaries of the Tipitaka in different languages, such as Devanagiri, Burmese, Simhalese, Thai, English, and Kannada
  • 2. Books written by Ven. Acharya Buddharakkhita and published by Mahabodhi Buddha Vachana Trust Bangalore.
  • 3. Books received from other organizations like The Corporate Body of Buddha Educational Foundation, Taiwan. Buddhist Publication Society, Ceylon etc.
  • 4. General books on other religions and philosophies like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity etc; meant for comparative studies.
  • 5. A collection of general books in different languages.
  • 6. Magazines, souvenirs, booklets etc., including the MMI monthly Dhamma Magazine in English and Kannada.
  • 7. Audio & video cassettes and CDs of Dhamma lectures, Buddhist holy places etc.
  • 8. A collection of large number of photographs on activities of Mahabodhi Society since 50 years,

    How you can help
  • 1. Sponsor a monk. You may sponsor individually or collectively. The sponsorship amount for one young monk is Rs.1500/- per month or Rs.18, 000/- per year.
  • 2. A fund has been established in the name of the Founder "Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita Foundation". This fund is kept as a fixed deposit. The interest is used for the maintenance of monks. You are welcome to donate to this Fund.
  • 3. Donate study materials for monks.
  • 4. Donate Dhamma books for the Mahabodhi library.
  • 5. General donations like monks' robes, food, medicine and for maintenance of the vihara

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