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Named after the first Chairman and President of Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Ambassador David M. Walters International Pediatric Hall of Fame was created in 1986 to recognize and honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the health and happiness of children everywhere. For their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of children, we are proud to recognize the members of the Ambassador David M. Walters International Pediatric Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Honoree Florence Groover Frank
Generous benefactor and permanent Grande Dame of the Hall of Fame Gala

Dwyane Wade, 2009
NBA All-Star, Olympic Athlete, Founder of Wade’s World Foundation, friend and supporter of Miami Children's Hospital Foundation

Beyoncé Knowles, 2008
Internationally renowned recording star, actress and humanitarian. A passionate and transcendent performer committed to her deep love of music that she shares with the world

Mike Lowell, 2006
Hometown hero, former Florida Marlins World Series Champion and supporter of children’s health issues

Dr. Paul Farmer, 2006
Internationally recognized founder of Partners in Health, dedicated to developing and implementing healthcare in some of the most devastated areas of the world

Dr. Fred J. Epstein, 2005
Internationally renowned pediatric neurosurgeon and teacher dedicated to the treatment and recovery of children with brain and spinal tumors

Dyan Cannon, 2005
Dynamic, energetic actress and committed spokesperson for children’s causes

Earl Weaver, 2004
Former Manager of the Baltimore Orioles and generous supporter of Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation

David McLean Walters, 2004
Visionary and President Emeritus of Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation

Dr. George McCracken, Jr., 2003
Internationally recognized authority on pediatric infectious diseases

Sonia Manzano, 2003
Known as Maria on Sesame Street and Emmy winning writer for Sesame Street

Kelly Preston, 2002
Talented and captivating actress and activist for children’s environmental health issues

Dean Kamen, 2002
Inventor, entrepreneur and advocate for science and technology through his FIRST program

Dr. Yehuda Benguigui, 2002
Clinician, educator, researcher and leading force for the prevention of infant mortality

Susie Krabacher, 2001
Creator of Foundation for Worldwide Mercy & Sharing, bringing health and hope to children in Haiti

Dr. Samuel L. Katz, 2001
Internationally renowned educator and researcher in pediatric vaccine development

Jim Kelly, 2000
Sports role model and champion of children’s causes

Michael Christensen, 2000
Creator of Big Apple Circus Clown Unit in children’s hospitals nationwide

George Batchelor, 2000
Outstanding philanthropist dedicated to children’s causes

Bill Nye, 1999
"The Science Guy," innovative teacher and patron of children

Dr. Robert A. Good, 1999
Pioneer of bone marrow transplantation

Eunice and Sargent Shriver, 1998
Creators and supporters of Special Olympics

Anthony Kennedy Shriver, 1998
Creator of national "Best Buddies" program

Dr. Aldo R. Castaneda, 1998
Pioneer of innovative pediatric cardiac procedures

John Schneider, 1997
Performing artist and co-founder of Children’s Miracle Network

Bianca Jagger, 1997
Champion for human rights and children’s causes

Dr. Robert M. Blizzard, 1997
Pioneer and leader in pediatric endocrinology

John Walsh, 1996
Defender of missing and exploited children

Dr. Antonia Novello, 1996
Pediatrician, first female and Hispanic US Surgeon General

Harry Belafonte, 1996
International legend and Ambassador for UNICEF and children

Gina Lollobrigida, 1995
Legendary actress and photographer passionate for children’s causes

Shari Lewis, 1995
Educator and entertainer of children through her character "Lamb Chop"

Reg and Maggie Green, 1995
Active promoters of organ donation internationally through the "Nicholas Effect"

Burt Reynolds, 1994
Supporter of children’s theatrical programs

Wayne and Marti Huizenga, 1994
Philanthropists for children through their support of Make-A-Wish Foundation

Dr. Jean Aicardi, 1994
International pediatric neurologist in brain abnormalities

Dr. Saul Krugman, 1993
Developer of Hepatitis "B" vaccine

Barbara Bush, 1993
Former First Lady and founder of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

Audrey Hepburn, 1992
Theatrical legend, child advocate and Ambassador for UNICEF

J. Peter Grace, 1992
International corporate giant and philanthropist for children

Dr. Mary Ellen Avery, 1992
International award-winning pediatric pulmonologist

Dr. D. Ralph Millard, 1991
World renowned pediatric craniofacial surgeon specializing in cleft lip and palate

Rich Little, 1991
Canadian Chairman of Children’s Miracle Network Telethon

Anthony R. Abraham, 1991
International philanthropist for children’s needs

Sally Struthers, 1990
Acclaimed comedic and dramatic actress and spokesperson for children

Dr. C. Everett Koop, 1990
Children’s advocate and former United States Surgeon General

Drs. Ives Cotrel and Jean Dubousset, 1990
Creators of CD Rod for spinal injuries

Dr. William Walsh, 1989
Founder of "Project Hope," bringing specialized healthcare to Latin America and the Caribbean

Edward James Olmos, 1989
Oscar nominee and humanitarian for children

Kenneth Feld, 1989
Producer of Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, 1988
Animation and cartoon pioneers in children’s entertainment

Dr. Robert Gross, 1988
Pioneer in pediatric heart surgery

Fran Allison, 1988
Children’s entertainer on television’s "Kukla, Fran and Ollie" show

"Buffalo" Bob Smith, 1987
Creator of the "Howdy Doody" show, a children’s television program

Dr. Victor McKusick, 1987
Renowned geneticist and medical author

Danny Kaye, 1987
Entertainer and "Pied Piper" to the children of the world

Dr. Augustin Castellanos, 1987
Nobel Prize nominee for pediatric cardiology

Dr. Helen Taussig, 1986
Savior of "Blue Babies," newborns with cyanotic conditions

Dr. Jonas Salk, 1986
Developer of the first polio vaccine

Bob Keeshan, 1986
Children’s entertainer on television’s "Captain Kangaroo"

Walt Disney, 1986
International legend in children’s entertainment