Aliens, are all over us, though we still don't know who  they are, and what they want! This is proven by one of many expiriences with ET's... This is an expirience that Betty, and Barney Hill have had...

I have already made a separate page about Chupacabras, and now I want to make one more step, and make a separate page about the visitors on this planet, these strange and unidentified flying objects. Many people think about them, they get into our lives, though we still don't know who the are, and what they want from us. On this page you'll find couple of articles from some UFO magazine. Contriversy isn't over yet!


Betty'n'Barney Hill Encounter 1

Betty'n'Barney Hill Encounter 2

Betty'n'Barney Hill Encounter 3

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Betty, and Barney Hill's Alien Encounter

The Hill Abduction Case, 1961, source: Interrupted Journey

SEPT. 18-19 [Sept. 19-20] Barney and Betty Hill abducted in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They remember part of the experience but have over 2 hours of "missing time," of which they are totally unaware at first. Barney remembers seeing huge object with "fins with red lights on the ends" and "crew members behind glass" panels at very short range. This object was more than 100 feet across and hovered 50 feet above the ground only 300 feet away for several minutes Barney watched through binoculars.

SEPT. 20 Betty Hill calls her sister and tells her part of the story. Sister then calls a local physicist who suggested they check for radiation. Sister also calls local police chief who suggests they call Pease AFB, Portsmouth, N.H. Betty calls the Air Force Base, worried about radiation. The officer who answers was at first "cynical and unresponsive" but finally did ask to talk to Barney. After Barney mentioned the "fins with lights" the officer perked up and said the call was being "monitored". Barney felt that the officer was definitely interested. Barney did not mention the figures he had seen behind the glass through binoculars.

SEPT. 21 Major Paul Anderson, Intelligence Officer for the 100th Bomb Group, Pease AFB, calls back, says he has stayed up all night working on a report of this incident. Asked Barney for the size of the object. Barney says it appeared as big as a dinner plate held at arms length. Major Anderson filed a report with Blue Book, #100-1-61.

SEPT. 23 Betty [Barney] Hill Goes to the local Library and finds one of Major Donald Keyhoe's books on UFOs. Takes down his address.

SEPT. 26 Betty Hill writes to Keyhoe in Washington, D.C., describing the incident as she remembers it. Fuller reports that NICAP (Keyhoe's organization) was getting 40,000 letters a year.

SEPT. 30 Ten days after the sighting Betty Hill begins to have a series of vivid and awesome dreams, which Fuller does not tell us about. They continue for five days and then stop.

OCT. 4 Keyhoe is asked to lunch by Robert Hohman and someone named C.D. Jackson, "senior engineer" for a "notable electronics company", name withheld. They are supposedly working on a paper about extra-terrestrial contacts that Nikola Tesla, David Todd and Marconi were alleged to have experienced in the early part of the century. Keyhoe tells them about the Hills.

OCT. 21 Walter Webb, investigtaor for Keyhoe's NICAP and an astronomer [lec- turer] with the Hayden Planetarium, New York, N.Y., comes to interview the Hills. He is there several hours. Betty does not tell him about her dreams. Barney tells of the "captain" and others he saw through the glass.

OCT. 25? Betty begins to have a series of dreams following an experience in the car. She had panicked as she and Barney had come upon a stalled auto in the road with some people standing around it. That night she dreamed of being taken into a UFO and given some sort of examination.

OCT. 26 Webb's report goes to NICAP in Washington. He had not been contacted by Keyhoe directly but through the mail by Richard Hall, NICAP's secretary. He had been skeptical. He was very much impressed by the Hills, however.

Posted by: Sam Zaydel

Part II (Betty'n'Barney Story)

NOV. 3 Hohman and Jackson write the Hills asking for an interview. They tell the Hills that they are serious minded men whose interest is in "verifying the origin of these vehicles according to existing scientific theory maintained by Hermann Oberth." Oberth was of V-2 rocket fame. They did not reveal their place of employment but permission was granted.

NOV. 25 Hohman and Jackson come to the house to interview the Hills. "Also visiting that day" is Major James McDonald, a long-time friend of the Hills and an Air Force intelligence officer. It appears he asks no questions about who Homan and Jackson are. The Hills had "discussed the case many times with Maj. McDonald." The three of them spend 12 hours talking to the Hills about their experience, including the "men" behind the glass. Major McDonald suggests hypnosis but does not know any therapists. The matter rests here for some time. Both Hills begin to be concerned about the incident and the chance they may have been hallucinating.

MAR., 1962 Betty Hill writes to a doctor recommended by a colleague. The Hills see him and tell their stories. The doctor recommends they wait and see if the problem subsides on its own. No therapy is attempted.

SUMMER, 1962 Barney begins to see a psychiatrist about his anxiety but only briefly mentions the UFO incident.

SEPT., 1962 The Hills are invited to a "UFO Study Group" to informally talk about their experience. That meeting is taped, by whom Fuller does not say, unknown to the Hills. Betty talked of her dreams, the dream of the physical examination.

SEPT., 1963 The Hills tell their church discussion group about the UFO inci- dent. That same day Captain Ben Swett, from Pease AFB, was to talk about hyp- nosis, which he had made a personal hobby of his. The Hills are encouraged by Major McDonald to talk to their church friends about their experience and en- couraged by Capt. Swett to undergo hypnosis. Barney is experiencing extreme psychological disturbances as a result of the UFO sighting and abduction. He would die in the late 1960's at the age of 46.

Television movie THE UFO INCIDENT with James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons. Dr. Simon had been technical advisor on a WWII movie made by John Huston called LET THERE BE LIGHT.

JUNE, 1964 Sessions with Dr. Simon end.

FALL [Oct.], 1965 Sensational articles run in Boston newspaper about the Hills experience. Information taken from tape made at the Sept., 1962 "UFO Study Group" meeting, provenance unknown.

NOV., 1965 Unitarian Church in Dover, N.H., invites the Hills to talk. Hills meet with Admiral Knowles, NICAP, before they speak. Also on program is a Public Information Officer from Pease, AFB, who is a member of the Church [not a church member] and has helped set up the event. He does not attack the Hills. At this time a huge UFO flap was underway in the area and hundreds of people were turned away from the church on a cold and raw evening. The usual attendance for the weekly Unitarian sessions: 40 people.

Posted by: Sam Zaydel

Betty'n'Barney Story (Conclusion)

About six to eight weeks after this experience, we came home one night, and found on the kitchen table a pile of dried leaves. Our first response was - someone has been in our home! When I began to clean up the leaves, I found my blue ear rings I was wearing that night. That was panic - how did I lose them and who returned them? And how did they get into our home? Next was my dress. The second time I had worn this, and now it was covered with a pink powdery substance. I put it outside, and the powdery substance blew away, but it left pink stains all over my dress. Also the hem and some seams were torn - it had a built in lining - badly torn. To go back, to ten nights after this experience, I had a series of dreams, for five nights, of being captured, taken on board, given a physical exam. At that time, Barney worked midnight to 8 AM, so he was not here. I typed out these dreams and hid them, never discussed them until the time of our hypnosis with Dr. Simon. As for Hohman and Jackson, they had attended some kind of Geological Conference in Washington DC and met Donald Keyhoe there. After the Conference they told him they had a hobby, and interest in flying saucers (the term at that time) He let them read Walt Webb's report of his meeting with us. Hohman wrote to us, asking to meet with us. We agreed for at than time, we knew nothing about ufos, and we were quietly seeking some explanation for our expereince. Hohman was from New York, and Jackson was from Alabama, so we needed to wait until these two were together. When they were here, Barney told them about the humanoid saying something to him, which he could not remember - this was very upsetting to him. We told them about the setting moon just before we turned on to the dirt road. They said we could not have seen the moon, for it had already set. Panic by both of us. So they suggested we take a road map, and pinpoint our location at different times. We knew we had left Colebrook about 10 PM, the restaurant there. We were able to pinpoint the locations and times most of the way, but at one point between Plymouth and Ashland was a blank. So they suggested we go back to this general area. Then we talked about time - we could drive to Canada in seven hours, and it had taken us seven hours to come home from Colebrook. There had to be an explanation. Later this was called a missing time period. But right from the beginning Barney and I knew the trip home was much longer then it should have been. We continued to go back to the mountains, looking for the dirt road, asking people about their sightings. Then we began asking if anyone had ever seen the people aboard the crafts. No. No one knew Barney had seen them and remembered this. As for a hallucination, I was and am a trained social worker. I know the conditions which must exist for a hallucination to occur - for both people to have the same one, at the same time, does not happen. Dr. Simon confirmed this impossibility. As for the car incident, we both became upset at the same time, but I had already had my dreams. We were puzzled as to the reasons we responded the way we did. If we had not had all these upsetting events happen, without explanation, we would had never have spent thousands of dollars going to Dr. Simon. We went to him, to get rid of our anxieties, not for a ufo capture. He worked with us for seven months, every week. But I learned during these sessions when he was putting our amnesia back so we could not remember, that we must see him every week for him to reinforce the amnesia. If we did not do this, we would remember in about ten days - the same length of time, after this experience, that I had my dreams. Now I know I recalled these events, in my dreams, as a result of the lessening of their control of my memory.

Posted by: Sam Zaydel

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