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Graphic: A Residential Education Page


Photo: Closeup of red roses in the Tri-Cooperatives garden Photo: Pierce Cooperative, as seen from the front; a large bay window dominates the facade Photo: The Tri-Cooperatives garden in full bloom

Cooperatives are small, student-operated living communities which are self-reliant, giving their residents the opportunity to manage the health and welfare of the community while nurturing responsibility and sustainable living.

Baggins End and the Tri-Cooperatives

There are four cooperatives on campus, Baggins End, and the three Tri-Cooperatives’ communities, the Davis Student Co-op, Pierce Co-op, and Agrarian Effort. To learn more about Baggins End or the Tri-Cooperatives, select the appropriate page below.

Living Groups

La Rue Park Living Groups occupy eight campus houses on La Rue Park Drive. The large multi-occupant buildings are home to sororities, fraternities and other student organizations.

For more information about Living Groups or to apply for housing in a Living Group, contact La Re Park at 530-753-7322.