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2. Helium.
1 month ago
I created this short film at took me about 8 months to complete.
you can reach me at daniele.zannone(at) if you want to say hi.

sound design by Ivan Martinez!
  • carla camille 1 month ago
    Just saw this on the AM forum. I love it! Congrats!
  • Anthony Salamin plus 1 month ago
    haha, love the end !! Really great facial animation ! Keep it up ! Real good job.
  • Guido Pagotto 1 month ago
  • Mr.T 1 month ago
    haha the ending is amazing, great animation!
  • cormaction 1 month ago
    Loved man, great job. No crits!
  • Joshua Ryan 1 month ago
    Amazing animation!
  • Leon W. Gittens 1 month ago
    ha hahahahahaha, I cannot stop laughing, this came out great
  • Adrian Frank 1 month ago
    Haha! Nice work man! I love it
  • Jeffrey Engel 1 month ago
    Excellent work, Daniele! Very inspiring. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in the future.
  • Rakesh Nanda 1 month ago
    superb man.lovely.
  • Aarón Lautner 1 month ago
    Love the end! Very nice work :)
  • Justin Kirk 1 month ago
    Great work! Funny ending too. Hopefully we'll see more
  • Teresa Nord 1 month ago
    Wow! Great work Daniel!
    Nice and simple, yet, SO much character! :)
    Awesome!!!! Congrats!
  • Anirudh Bhalotia 1 month ago
    Neat, very neat! Awesome work Daniel! Loved the look and feel of the entire short and some kick-ass animation in there!

    Good luck!
  • Gonzalo Toso 1 month ago
    Great work man, really awesome!
  • Arijit Gupta 1 month ago
    Just amazing! I love this short film!! Great work!!!
  • Derek Kent 1 month ago
    Killer stuff man, an inspiration to us all!!!
  • Issam Zejly 1 month ago
    Awesomely hilarious short!
    Congrats Daniele :)
  • Daniel Klug plus 1 month ago
    OH MY GOD!
  • Dhar 1 month ago
  • rosa cobos 1 month ago
    As I read that it took you eight months...I was eager t o see it..and it has been worth it!!!!
    Wonderful...It made me laugh...first rate work, sensible, funny and is really difficult to find such a short story with such a efficient script and actions...congratulations!!
  • DeCristo.TV plus 1 month ago
    I absolutely loved it!
  • Alessandro Nardini 1 month ago
  • KimPro 1 month ago
    way to go man~!
  • Francois Maree 1 month ago
    Well done Daniele. It turned out awesome.
  • Ziv Kitlaro 1 month ago
    Great stuff man, really liked it. congrats on all the hard work - it paid off!
  • Michael Cawood 1 month ago
    Excellent. Really funny too!
  • Kevin Webb 1 month ago
    Really great stuff. Congrats!
  • Tim Sormin 1 month ago
    Brilliant! The facial expressions really cracked me up. Awesome introduction contrasting the two characters through expression even though they are pretty much the same model and texture. The ending was a real shocker; it took me a half-second until I burst out laughing!
  • Alex Ferreira 1 month ago
    Congrats!!!! its grateful, keep animating, you're very good!
  • Chris Pearson plus 1 month ago
    Great stuff man!!! You've got some great poses and i love the timing
  • Lucas Eric 1 month ago
    Great! Very very funny!!! Congratulations!
  • Ryan Glovka 1 month ago
    Wow! Beautiful full of character!
  • Jason Newkirk 1 month ago
    way awesome. Great work.
  • Cinthia Fujii 1 month ago
    Amazing Daniele!! :D
  • Daniele Zannone 1 month ago
    Thank you everyone! i really appreciate it...your nice words made me happy!

  • wayne chu weng fatt 28 days ago
    awesome :)
  • Fawzi Yahya 27 days ago
    Excellent work Daniel!
  • Ciaran Dempsey 27 days ago
    OH my god that was hilarious!! Probably my favorite AM short movie!! Well done =)

    Definitely watching it another few times before I do anything else!
  • satbir singh 27 days ago
    AWsm Work.......Nice posses and timming.......great
  • Angelo Lo Presti 21 days ago
    GRANDE DANIELE! grande, grande, grande!
  • Brad Kinley 19 days ago
    Fantastic work Daniele!
  • john chen 15 days ago
    nicely animated. this would be the perfect portfolio piece
  • D.S. Ramirez 8 days ago
    Daniele -

    I think Helium is great. If you are interested, why not submit it to the Small Press Expo for ANIMATION?
    It's an independent animators showcase in September 2010, in Maryland, USA. I am encouraging the artists of the best animation I see to submit their work to be shown there. It's being curated by friends of mine.

    Here is the link to the Expo website:


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