Could This Be Your Most Valuable Joint Venture?

Posted on February 3, 2009 8:00 AM by Joel Comm

There are two kinds of people in the world. There are people who dream. And there are people who act.

Both types of people are important, and both skills are needed when you're trying to succeed.

What's rare though is to find both those skills in the same person. Most of us are either brimming with ideas or overflowing with energy. We're either the type who spots opportunities or the type who spots the problems in those opportunities, solves them and builds a product that works.

The first step towards success then is often to recognize which of those types you are.

Are you a hive of ideas or a buzz of hands-on activity? Do you have a drawer full of business outlines -- but no business -- or do you have a company but lack direction?

You've probably got a good feeling about which of those situation best describes you already. We might not like to admit it, but most of us know, deep-down whether we're the sort of person who gets on with things or the sort who prefers to think about things.

Once you've accepted whether you're a dreamer or a doer then, the next step might be to team up with someone who complements you. If you have a million ideas buzzing through your head and none on the drawing board, find a friend with practical skills and form a partnership.

And if you're the sort who can't wait to get started -- but just wish you knew where you were going -- find someone with a plan and offer a pair of hands.

Success, whether online or offline, doesn't have to come alone. Teaming up with the right person to get an idea off the ground can be even more important than finding the right joint venture partner when it's time to get the marketing moving.

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Chris Says:

    Good points. However, I find the major obstacle is finding a trustworthy partner that will share your vision (or at least come to an agreed vision) for the product/company. I am a business guy and have been partnering with university scientists to commercialize technology for several years now. Many in my field often have problems aligning interests the closer to product launch or out-licensing they get. I can't stress the importance of planning what you and your partner want at the various stages of the product's/company's life cycle. Stay positive, but be prepared for things to get nasty!


  2. BCFLive Says:

    I have to agree with you Joel...but I'm in the fitness industry and I've also been following gurus like yourself in the internet marketing industry. My problem is trying to find a partner who sees my vision and wants to carve out a very profitable niche in fitness and internet marketing. Where do you go to find people like that?

  3. Vanessa aka iThinkMedia Says:

    Good points Joel someone tends to lean to one of these types more than another, however, as some other posters have pointed out it isn't easy to partner due to many reasons. That's been my experience in the past so I've made an effort to rein in my creative/idea side and become the 'doer' more of the time. What's helped me is to have online friends ck in throughout the day and ask, "what have you 'done' today? I also keep a notebook near me all the time to write things down since I tend to be a mega-multitasker! This gives me the chance to get side tracked for a few minutes but I can go back to my list of things I need to do and get stuff done!

    I'm still looking for the person to compliment me in my business but in the meantime I'm getting 'stuff' done! :)

  4. German Romance Says:

    it is good to be a 50% dreamer and a 50% doer, you can dream up great ideas all day long. But if non of the ideas you have ever see the daylight.. you just did some daydreaming.

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