The "New" New Milwaukee County Zoo ~ 1985-present

Image of Aviary


The Aviary was renovated to feature extensive propping and educational graphics, elaborate murals and vegetation, and strung piano wire separating visitors from the birds. Also, in 1991, the Zoo had a 97% success rate in hatching 40 trumpeter swan eggs flown in from Alaska.

Out on loan, Mandara the Gorilla became a first time mother to a son, Kenjana.  Because Mandara was hand-raised, there was concern as to the type of mother she would be.  Mandara’s motherly instincts proved to be so strong that when another gorilla gave birth and abandoned the baby, she picked up the baby and raised it as her own.  In the same year, Suzy, the mother of the first Siamang ever born in captivity, became the adoptive mother to a rejected spider monkey.