Steps in Building a New Home
New Construction Information for Home Buyers

Planning and building a house involves many phases that must be scheduled and coordinated, no matter who is doing the work. Each project will differ to some extent from the work flow presented below. An independent project manager (architect or engineer) can assist the homeowner in overseeing the work flow.

  1. Select lot and make arrangements for financing.
  2. Set a design budget. Hire an AIA architect.
  3. Review preliminary plans; revise preliminary plans.
  4. Review detailed sketches; approve final drawings.
  5. Prepare plans and specifications; check set backs and easements.
  6. Select a contractor and an independent project manager.
  7. Secure bids on labor and material.
  8. Obtain permanent and construction financing.
  9. Obtain permits, clear and level lot, pay tap fees, secure builder's risk insurance, and check subcontractors' insurance.
  10. Install temporary electrical pole, connect power, read meter, and obtain form material for foundation.
  11. Set batter boards and forms; check set backs and easements again.
  12. Bring in fill dirt.
  13. Install primary plumbing lines.
  14. Dig and form beams, cut and form driveway.
  15. Treat soil for termites.
  16. Install vapor barrier and reinforcing material.
  17. Inspect forms and primary plumbing lines.
  18. Pour concrete and order framing materials.
  19. Do rough framing, including roof decking to "dry in" phase.
  20. Complete top out plumbing (water, drains, and vent lines); install water heater, water conditioner, tubs, and showers.
  21. Install windows and exterior doors.
  22. Install roof vents and roofing.
  23. Perform plumbing inspection.
  24. Install HVAC system (heating/cooling unit and ducts).
  25. Install electrical wiring.
  26. Pre-wire telephone and cable.
  27. Pre-wire security system, computer cabling, media, and automation wiring.
  28. Perform electrical and framing inspections.
  29. Apply exterior finish (wood, brick, stone, stucco, etc); install wall insulation and entry locks.
  30. Build or install fireplace.
  31. Prime exterior of house and clean.
  32. Hang dry wall; tape and float joints.
  33. Install ceramic tile in bathroom. Install garage door and attic insulation.
  34. Build brick fireplace face.
  35. Do trim work; hang cabinets.
  36. Clean house.
  37. Paint or stain interior.
  38. Install counter tops in kitchen and bath.
  39. Install sinks, dishwasher, and disposal.
  40. Install hardware.
  41. Size walls; hang wall paper.
  42. Hang mirrors, tub enclosures, and shower doors.
  43. Install air conditioning registers, light fixtures, and vent hood.
  44. Install smooth-surfaced floor coverings.
  45. Set commodes and install bath accessories.
  46. Lay shoe molding where smooth-surfaced flooring is installed. Lay carpeting, hang interior doors, and install thresholds and weather stripping.
  47. Install appliances (range, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, ice maker, trash compactor, wine cooler, warming oven, washer, and dryer; install air conditioning compressor.
  48. Install sprinkler system. Spread fill dirt and landscape yard.
  49. Clean interior, including windows; install screens.
  50. Verify filing of all lien releases by subcontractors.
  51. Conduct final inspection.
  52. Disconnect temporary electrical connection. Close into permanent mortgage.
  53. Install drapery hardware; hang window treatments.
  54. Move into your new house.
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