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The cattle coexist peacefully with the pump jacks in this rural community characterized by pastures and trees along the east side of Lake Oologah. Many people who live in Winganon are involved in farming and ranching while still being involved in the oil business in some manner.

In August of 1889 the first oil well in Oklahoma was drilled in Chelsea south of Winganon.

Winganon sits at the south end of an oil field that extends all the way to the Kansas border.

Coal was strip mined from the Winganon area and so many of the old oil wells can no longer be seen because of the land reclamation, but that will not keep new oil and gas leases from being negotiated.

Surface landowners need to be aware that inactive oil leases can still be renegotiated with the mineral owners. Most of the surface rights have been severed from the mineral rights many years ago. So if you do not own your land in fee simple, then you may only own from the "grass roots" up.

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