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Zip Code 74337


Chouteau is located east of Inola and south of Pryor Creek at the junction of Highway 412 and Highway 69. To the south of Chouteau is its sister community of Mazie.

It is an area of wide open farmland with horse drawn buggies and tractors driven by members of the Amish and Mennonite communities.

If you are lucky while driving down Highway 69, you may have to slow down a bit when a horse comes trotting up to cross the highway with its buggy and occupant. Hence, many of the roads have not been paved, in order to facilitate the use of horses.

In this area live many fine builders who will build your house or barn "hell for stout" at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional builders.

Moreover, many of the farms will entertain groups with traditional Amish meals served family style. Yummy and fun!

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