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There actually is a place in Tulsa called Union. It's not just a school district. It's not just the 74133 post office. If you look at the US Geological Survey map of Union on TerraServer you will discover that Union is located south of Alsuma, southeast of Memorial Park Cemetery and Northwest of Floral Haven Cemetery. It's exact location would be right where Highway 169 heads south of 61st Street between Mingo Road and Garnett Road.

Since many of the houses have been wiped out, the best that I can say is that the homes that are north of Asbury United Methodist Church are really all that remain of the original community of Union. The Tulsa Dog Training Club is in Union on the east side of Highway 169 and there is a hotel, an autobody repair shop and a complex of Union schools on the west side of Highway 169, all just south of 61st Street.

The 74133 post office for Union is located on the north side of 46th Street in the industrial complex between Mingo and Memorial. The easiest way to get there is to turn west on 47th Street from Mingo. The road will curve around and become 46th Street.

Many popular shops and eateries have been built on 71st Street just east of Highway 169 between Mingo and Garnett. The news media now calls this Restaurant Row.

The UMAC is a facility used by the entire community for meetings and events. UMAC is the acronym for the Union Mutipurpose Activity Center. It is located on the West side of Mingo Road just north of 71st Street.

Since the dividing line between the cities of Broken Arrow and Tulsa is Garnett Road, Union School district is in both cities. For all intents and purposes, the community of Union lives on through it's school and their famous Union Redskins football team.

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