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Sapulpa was once known as the "Crossroads of America," because the main East/West continental highway, U.S. Route 66, crossed the main North/South continental highway, U.S. Highway 75, right at the corner of Main and Dewey in downtown Sapulpa.

Today the city of Sapulpa is proud of its heritage and has made efforts to preserve its historical treasures along the famous Route 66.

Sapulpa was founded by "Chief" Sapulpa, a tribal leader who came from Alabama and arrived in the Creek nation some time after the Indian migration of 1836. It is thought that his name came from the corruption of the word "Sepulchre." When the Dawes Commission enrolled the Indians in order to allot them land, they wrote his name Sul-bul-ber. Later the Confederate army discharged him under the name Sus-pul-ber, and this evolved into the name Sapulpa. By the way, he really was not an Indian Chief, but people called him "Chief" because he was an important tribal leader.

Around 1850 Sapulpa opened a store combined with a blacksmith shop at his home.

The Frisco railroad came to Sapulpa in the 1880's in order to haul off walnut logs that came from the Polecat and Rock Creek bottoms. In 1927 the Frisco moved it's rail yards to Tulsa.

In 1905 the first oil boom began when the Ida Glenn #1 well was drilled. Suddenly Kiefer became a boom town and Sapulpa began to grow as a direct result of oil exploration and production in the area.

Because of the abundance of natural gas prouduced in the Glenn Pool, glass companies began manufacturing products in Sapulpa. At one point there were four glass plants in Sapulpa.

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