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House Hunting
If you are from out of town, I will take a few minutes to orient you to Green Country and the many lifestyle options that are in sync with your vision. We will look at a map and discuss the many differences in the various neighborhoods and communities around Tulsa. It helps to explore their "look," their demographic makeup, their civic personality, their schools, their cultural amenities, their sports and equestrian events, and their shopping, as well as their convenience in relation to your job.

If the research has not already been done of homes we'll be viewing, then this is the time to do it together at my computer. After discussing preferences with regard to various communities and neighborhoods, I will create specialized searches with parameters fitting your needs, desires, and financial capabilities. Clients can see for themselves whether or not their criteria can be translated into home features that are actually available in the market segment being searched. We can tweak the search until we find several homes to look at.

After we've refined the search I make appointments. Since most sellers have put lock boxes on their homes, we can look at homes from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

We will also be looking at new homes, since builders cooperate well with realtors. However, it is very important that the realtor be with the client during an initial visit with a builder.

Even if a buyer is very experienced in buying and selling homes, having purchased many properties before, it is important to review the process, since laws and procedures change over time and from region to region.

Once we have established a rapport and have committed to working together, we will go out to look at houses which fit your parameters and your budget. Usually you will know (and so will I) what you like and don't like after just three homes.

If we discover that we need to change our search strategy, we can go back online to find other homes that better suit your needs and dreams. I have an air card in my laptop, and so we will have full access to the multilist while out on the road. With this in mind, I will ask for detailed feedback after each home so that I can better refine our search.

I expect candor and direct communication from my clients. I do not read minds nor do I speak southern belle. No one benefits from timidity. If you don't like a house, tell me quickly so we can find another one you do like. (This is why we like to show homes when the sellers are not present.) I keep a notebook with me to take notes about your reactions to each home. This feedback is then transmitted through the listing realtor to the seller so that the homeowner has an honest evaluation and can act accordingly in the marketplace.

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