The Day of Closing
Buyers Must Bring Cashier's Checks and Their Driver's Licenses to Closing
Cashier's Checks and Identification
The Buyer has agreed to pay the balance of the purchase price with cash, cashier's or certified check, or other funds acceptable to the Seller. The Buyer needs to be aware, however, that payment of the balance by the following will NOT be acepted by the Closing Company:
  • Personal Check
  • Corporate Check
  • Employer's Check
  • Investment Account Check
  • Asset Management Check

It is recommended that the Buyer contact the Closing Company prior to the Closing to determine the acceptable form of payment for the balance of the purchase price the Buyer needs to bring to the Closing.

The Buyer will also need to bring photo identification (i.e., Driver's License, etc.) to the Closing in order to fulfill Patriot Act identity requirements.

The proceeds the Seller receives from the Closing are generally paid by the Closing Company's check. A Closing Company's check does not have the assurance that it will be cashed by the bank as readily as a cashier's check. The bank may not release the funds to the Seller until the Closing Company's check clears. If the Seller prefers a cashier's check, the Seller should contact the Closing Company at least 48 hours prior to the closing and request that the Seller's proceeds be paid by cashier's check.

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