Ernie Dingo in open relationship

Monday, June 07, 2010 » 11:53am

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Television personality Ernie Dingo and his wife of 21 years have revealed the couple are living in an open marriage.

Following allegations from two women of lurid encounters with the long-time Great Outdoors reporter, Dingo's wife has spoken publicly about their special arrangement.

Allegedly they are living separate lives under the same roof in order to provide a loving environment for their children.

Dingo's wife Sally provided the revelation to Woman's Day magazine saying the couple decided to strike the deal when they realised that the relationship was heading in different directions.

'We needed to find a way to continue, so that we all would be cared for,' Sally has told the magazine.

'Ernie and I have an arrangement that we regard as adult and responsible, and it is without tension.

'It has become apparent the workings of our private life needed to be revealed. I also wanted to speak in Ernie's defence.'