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The Family Photo Albums

  • A Day in Early Springtime
    Everyone busy around about the homestead, on a lovely, sun-filled, early Springtime Saturday.
  • Thrifting Treasures
    The weekend's thrifting treasures. A wicker bed for the kitties, a brand new soft bath baby--vintage doll in the box, a little peasant top (and Julia whipped up a new skirt on the machine for her, to go with it). A wooden tool box, 3 board books, a wash board for the littlest loves, a vintage chair/stool, a bowl of fabric and felt strawberries, a vintage drying rack, a drainboard full of mason jars, a couple of vintage photographs, some vintage craft books, a clothesline full of hand made vintage aprons--13 of them for $3.00. A basket full of embriodery thread, a non-electric hand-cranked food processor. All put to use, straightaway.....
  • Here at Home
    Some photos of the family, and a few cozy spots, here at the homestead.
  • Cookies and Milk
    A relaxing break in the day, for making and baking, cookies. And, after they've come hot out of the oven, time for enjoying them, with cold milk--fresh from the farm. Recipe is on the blog. Posted April 17th, 2007.

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Some Favorites From Our Bookshelves

A Few of My Favorite Spots to Visit

  • Above Rubies Website
    Wonderfully loving encouragement.
  • Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Aromatherapeutic Household Cleaners
    Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies are made with natural essential oils, they're biodegradable and phosphate-free. And, they truly are aromatherapeutic. The lovely smell fills the house!
  • Laine's Letters.....Beautiful, Loving Encouragement.
    Laine loves Jesus, her husband, her children, and has a special gift for encouraging others in the loving of the same. She's been writing beautiful letters for years, and they're all here, along with a gazillion wonderful recipes. If you have the time to visit, you'll be so blessed.
  • The Urban Homemaker
    Marilyn Moll's, "Urban Homemaker" business has been around for years. She has grain mills, juicers, pressure cookers, cookware, bakeware, water purifiers, dehydrators, blenders, sprouting supplies, as well lots of books, dvd's etc... She also sets up phone seminars with various authors that are always free--the only cost being the cost of the phone call itself. She has lots of free info on her site and her catalog has a wealth of information, recipes, etc... in it.
    This is a really helpful site for those times when you get stuck somewhere, in your otherwise delightful knitting project, and have no one available to help you, nearby. They have clear video clips of basic and advanced knitting techniques.
  • The Weston A. Price Foundation For Wise Traditions in Food, Farming...
    Great nutritional information. A liitle militant in some of their expressed opinions, but a great resource nonetheless.
  • Easy Homeschooling
    Lorraine's Curry's wonderful website--Excellent! Free ebook, free articles, free checklists, free copywork, free newsletter
  • Mary Jane's Farm Simple Solutions For Everyday Organic.
    Lots of really great stuff here. Informative and inspiring.
  • Tasha Tudor and Family Website
    Tasha Tudor, prolific artist, writer, and gardener extraordinaire. All of her beautiful books are inspiring.

Inspiration and Relaxation

  • Pearls Before Breakfast
    As my dear friend, Kelly said, this is probably how God feels, as we rush about, not even noticing the feast He sets before us, everyday--Life, everywhere, to overflowing.
  • Small is the New Big
    A beautifully and creatively renovated, little 382 square ft. apartment. Uncluttered, organized, lovely. Really inspiring.
  • Small=Happy
    The before and after photos of this cheery little apartment. I thought they were best viewed, after Small is the New Big.
  • Flickr: Babywearing!
    Beautiful photos of babies being held and loved.
  • Lori Vrba Photography
    Beautiful photographs. Beautiful site. Click on Art, Soul, and Life, to view her slideshows, while listening to the lovely music.

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