BASSALEG (including Duffryn and Graig and Rhiwderin)



Bassalleg is a village and extensive parish on the river Ebbw, in the hundred of Wentloog, distant three miles from Newport, and formerly included the hamlets of Duffryn and Graig, and Rogerstone. (The latter has now absorbed the civil parish of Bassalleg). It is in the petty sessional division, union and county-court district of Newport, rural deanery of Bassalleg, and Archdeaconry of Newport. It has two railway stations, viz., the Western Valleys (G.W.R.) and the Brecon and Merthyr section of the G.W.R., stationmaster, John Barker. Tredegar House, the seat of the Right Hon. Viscount Tredegar, D.L., J.P., the lord of the manor, stands on the south side of the Cardiff road.

BASSALLEG CONSTABULARY.- P.C. Reg. Williams, officer-in-charge. PLACES OF WORSHIP.-The Church, dedicated to S. Basil, is a. fine stone building, with nave, south aisle, chancel, Porch, and an embattled western tower, containing six bells. Rev. A. G. A. Picton, M.A.~ M.C., vicar, Revd. E. T. Davies, High Cross Lane, and Revd. D. M. Davies, The Parsonage, Rogerstone, curates; churchwardens, Alfred R. Jones, W. H. Palmer and W. Pritchard, Rogerstone.

Organist and choirmaster, George W. Bell. The building, which was restored in 1904, now affords 470 sittings. Sunday Services at 11 and 6.30. Holy Communion 1st Sunday in the month, choral celebration 11 a.m.; every Sunday and Saints' days at 8.30 a.m., and on the first after morning prayer. The Tredegar Memorial Chapel, erected in 1920, is on the site formerly occupied by the mausoleum of the Tredegar family.

There is also another Church, St. John's, at Rogerstone. Mission room at Rhiwderin, Service on Fridays at 7.30 p.m. Baptist (Bethel); Methodist (Garth hill), and Independent {Ebenezer, 1832) Chapels.

The area of the ecclesiastical parish is 6,855 acres of land, 90 of water, and 42 of foreshore.

POSTAL.-The Post Office is also a Money Order, Telegraph and Telephone office, with Savings Bank. Letters arrive from Newport at 7 a.m and 4 p.m., and are despatched at 7 a.m., 2 p.m., 5.45 and 8 p.m. week days, and 6.30 p.m. Sundays.-Mrs. Amy Edwards, sub-postmistress. Also a pillar box at Garth Hill, from which letters are forwarded at 4.10 p.m. and 7.45 p.m. Pillar box at Pye Corner, 5.30 and 8 p.m.

RATING AND VALUATION OFFICER--Tudor Morris, Council Chambers, Baneswell, Newport.

RATEABLE VALUE.-Bassaleg (including Graig, Duffryn and Rhiwderin), £7,680. SCHOOLS - National School in the village (mixed)- John A. Crutchley, master. Bassalleg Secondary School, Harrhy Rhys, M.A., master. Duffryn and Graig are adjoining hamlets in the parish of Bassalleg, situate some three or four miles from Newport. Letters are delivered per rural messenger from Newport. Duffryn-area. 1,950 acres; population, 177. Graig-area 2.624 acres; population, 1,113.

DUFFRYN PARISH MEETING.-G. W. King (chairman).
GRAIG PARISH COUNCIL.- J. Cooper (chairman). Clerk, J. Morgan
RD. COUNCILLORS.-Graig, Capt. J. H. Griffiths. Duffryn, G. W. King. Rhiwderin is the next station to Bassalleg on the Brecon and Merthyr section of the G.W. Railway, about a mile distant; stationmaster, Mr. J. Barker. The Congregationalists have a chapel, the Tabernacle. Services on Sundays at 1I and 6. Letters received at the Post office (from Newport) at 7 a.m, Despatches at 3.45 p.m. and 8.25 p.m. Money Order and Savings Bank business transacted. F. H. Davies, postmaster. The nearest Telegraph office is at Bassalleg. Call Office. Schoolmaster-H. Davies.

MISSION Room under Bassalleg Parish Church.

Athay F., Groten house, Forge lane
Basham Henry, Dira
Beale Bertram, teacher, Forge lane
Bidgood -, Parks Side, Forge Lane
Blackburn A., ast. sec., Bryer, Forge lane
Brand H., electrician, Ramilies, Forge lane
Chambers R T., South view, Garth
Chapman A., G.W.R. insp., St. Helens, Garth
Chapman J. A., St. Lunaire, Forge lane
Clake Fredk. J., schoolmaster, Grey Holme Forge lane
Churley, R. H., The Laurels, Garth
Coakham W., Sunnydale, Forge lane
Cullimore J., Ebbw place
Daking E. B., 2 Court crescent
Davies J. W., Solana, Court crescent
Dolman A. H., solicitor, Barton Dale
Davies John, Llwyncelyn
Davies Mrs. Jane E., The Shack
Davies P.O., teacher, Lemiros, Garth,
Driscoll R., clerk, St. Michaels
Dyer Mrs. M., Redcroft, Court crescent
Edwards Edwd. J., Newadd-wen, Penyllan
Fisher M., bank cashier, Duffryn Court Farm
Giles Mrs., Garth hill
Graham Mrs. C. S., Bryn Aur
Hamlett -, Kersley, Court Crescent
Harries Rev. Chas. (baptist), The Manse
Harries G. L., Courtlands, Court crescent
Hawker Stanley, G.W.R., Lilford
Hazell James, Tredegar park
Jones F. M., Home view, Garth
Jones G., G.W.R., Llanvigan
Jones Ivor, Barrovo, Court Crescent
Jones J., Sulby Glen
Lansbury Mrs., The Cottage
Leake Jno. L., The Mount
Lewis Edward, Maesmaur Farm, nr. Risca
Lewis J. W., H.M insp. schools, 1 Court crescent
Morgan E., Belle Vue, Pentrepoeth
Morgan S. L., Cartref, Garth
Nield C., Ayrim
Pembro H. R, Greystones, Garth hill
Phelps H., G.W.R., Tuffley
Phillips H., caretaker, sec. school, Forge lane
Phillips Jno., Ffynonon Farm
Picton Rev. A. G. A., M.A., M.C.,The Vicarage
Pritchard F., Gaza
Reading T., Shirley, Garth
Pinnel Samuel, Kenhoward, Pentrepoeth
Rees Wm., brewery mangr., Bryn Rhos
Sargent A., travlr., Underwood, Forge lane
Sayce A. E., Lingen
Silvey R. E., Llan Sor, electrician's manager Forge lane
Sparkes Miss, Laburnum
Steer Charles, accountant, Trees, Forge Lane
Taylor Albert, Gibby, Pentrepoeth
Tredegar the Rt. Hon. Viscount, D.L. J.P.,F.R.S.A., F.I.L., F.R.S.L., Tredegar Park
Vander Veen H., Low Wood
Wakeford Chas. G., journalist, Green Keys, Forge lane
Weale T. D., Farlands
Wells Mrs. Helen, Welby, Court crescent
Williams C. J., Stonehouse, Lighthouse road
Williams Edwd., Pensidan Vach,
Williams Glyn, Golden Grove, Court crescent
Williams Ivor C., Portmellin, Forge lane
Wynn Oliver C., decorator, Denton.
Wynn Mrs. B., West Bay
Yendall R. W., mang. director, Balena Forge lane

Bubb E., gen. dealer, Richmond terrace
Basham C., Garth farm
Basham John & Sons, F.R.H.S., nurserymen etc., Fair Oak
Bassalleg BowlingClub-A. Langmead, hon.sec
Bassalleg sec. school, Forge lane Rhys Harrhy, M.A., head master
Bateman C. P., Garth cottage
Brand Electrical & Engineering Co., Ltd Forge lane
Brimble Alfred, Three Salmons
Bevan Mrs., shopkeeper, Pentrepoeth
Davies Bros., grocers, Garth hill
Davies W., Ruperra Arms
Davies & Pritchard, undertakers
Dutfield & Frost, agricultural & motor engineers
Edwards Edward J., Neuadd Wen farm
Edwards Mrs. Amy, grocer
Evans H. W., Tredegar Arms
Harding Clifford, clerk of works, Garth hill
Harris O. C., Pentwyn farm (Risca postal delivery)
Harrhy Rhys, M.A., hdmstr sec. school,
Hartnoll Aubrey R., civil servant, Court cres.
Howard John E., miller and corn merchant, Station mills
James John I., wheelwright
Jeffries G., travlr., Carbelle, Garth hill,
Jones Edwin R., Ysguborgoch farm
Jones E. E. & Son, meat purveyors.
Jones Frank, Pensidan farm
Jones Gus., Denisfont
Kelly W., farmer. Pen-y-lan
Major N., Sunnyside
McKenna James, sexton, Church house
Matthews Edward, Froes-y-fan farm
Monmouthshire Nursing and Convalescent Home, Highfield-Miss E.M. Rutledge, supt
Phillips Trevor R., Croes Healydd
*Richards Wm., Maes mawr farm, near Risca
Roden Charlotte L., Belle View, Pentrepocth
Sayce A. E., Lingen
Smith Frank, coal merchant
Stephens Geo., joiner, Richmond terrace
Stephens Horace, farmer, Village
Tredegar Park Golf Club, Tredegar park D. C. Tilney, secretary
Watkinson W., Park view
White Mrs. Elizabeth, Bush Inn
Whiteheads athletic grounds
Willis Wm., grocer, Pye corner
Wynne O. C., builder & decorator

* Risca postal delivery

Those marked * postal address Bassalleg,, Newport, Mon. Newport rural delivery (Coedkemew)
Allen A. G., gardr., The Gardens, Tredegar park
!Baker -., farmer, Duffryn
Basham H. & J., White Barn farm, Graig
David J. W., Tredegar Park Lodge, Cardiff Road
Fisher Mrs., Dnffryn Court Farm House
Halse L. H., farmer, Duffryn Court Farm
Holloway R., gamekeeper, 1 Oak cottages,. Pencarne lane
Jones Alfred R., Sunnybank farm, Graig
*Kelly Herbert, market gardener, Pen-y-lan
King G. W, Woodside, Tredegar parę
Lewis Oliver, Alma cottage, Ebbw Bridge
North F., house steward, Tredegar park
Pike Lewis Deacon, Tredegar park recrea tion ground lodge
Tredegar the Rt. Hon. Viscount, D.L., J P., F.R.S.A., F.I.L., Tredegar park
Vaughan J. C., Tredegar Park Lodge, Cardiff Road
Ware Capt. H. (pte. secretary to Viscount Tredegar), Tredegar Park .
Williams C. J., registration officer and acting clerk, Duffryn parish meeting, Ebbw place St. Brides road
Williams E., Blackbird's nest farm
Basham Allan, farmer, Tyn-y-ffynon
Budge G. D., mining engineer, Holly house
Cooper G., market gardener, Maypole
Cooper James, Woodbine cottage
Davies Mrs. H., Croes-caerninon farm
Edmunds Mrs. Anne, Gloch-wen
Edmunds Kenneth, farmer, Pentretai
Forestier- Walker, Mrs. Charles, Brynhedydd
Forestier-Walker Lady, Park house
Greenway C. J., general shop, Tredegar street
Hobbs Wm.; general dealer
Jones Alf R., Sunny Bank
Jones Mrs. M. H., Rhiwderin Inn
Leyshon M., Pant glas
Kyte Wrr: market gardener, Penygroes
Oram A., keeper, New Park cottage
Jakeman T., Hillside, Bassaleg School attendance officer
Thomas Charles, Neuadda farm
Watson Peter, keeper, Parkwood
Williams Bros., Pontnewydd-fach farm

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