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Rockman No Constancy is a hack of the Japanese Mega Man 2 game (Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily no Nazo (J)). This is a well done hack made by IKA (A Japanese rom hacker), all of the eight robot masters levels seem to be completed and the Dr. Wily stages altered (Finished?). This hack includes a completly new soundtrack, new graphics, altered bosses/weapons, and completly new level layouts. The difficulty level has been ramped up, but not as much as in other Mega Man 2 hacks (at least with the "normal" difficulty ips patch). The "hard" version of the patch makes the game just about impossible because enemies can continue to hit your character without any 'reflex time". This makes it so once you come in conact with a boss (or one of his projectiles) you have pretty much lost the fight. An IPS patch can be downloaded through the following links (older version of the hack?, link on Acmlm's Board 2) this includes only one patch (normal difficulty) (Newer version of the Hack?) This includes both normal and hard versions of the ips patch.

The authors web page is located here: It appears to be like a large message board or something. The "newer version of the hack can be found on this web page under the 10/21 section of the page.

[edit] Plot

Because the text is in Japanese, it has not been translated as of yet. It is requested that a user post a translated synopsis.

[edit] Music

  • Opening : from Nettou KOF'95 (GB)
  • Title Screen: from Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 "Title Theme"
  • Password : from GD Leen (SFC)
  • Stage Select : "Roulette" from Nettou KOF'96 (GB)
  • Game Start : from MegaMari
  • Metalman Stage (from Rockman X2 "Opening Stage")
  • Airman Stage (from Legend of Valkyrie "Main Theme")
  • Bubbleman Stage (from The King of Fighters '96 "Trash Head")
  • Quickman Stage (from NAMCO x CAPCOM "Subarashiki Shin Sekai")
  • Flashman Stage (from Rockman Zero 4 "Esperanto")
  • Heatman Stage (from Rockman Zero 2 "Departure")
  • Crashman : "Arch of Triumph Stage" from "SNK Gals Fighters" (NGPC)
  • Woodman : "Stage 1" from "Little Chaser" included in "Dezaemon+"(PS)
  • Boss : "Mr.Karate" from "Nettou KOF'96" (GB)
  • Stage Clear : "Map Clear 1" from "Bounty Sword" (SFC)
  • Get a Weapon : "Dr.Cain" from "Rockman X3"
  • Dr.Wily Stage Map : "Boss Intro" from "Super Wagyan Land" (SFC)
  • Dr.Wily Stage 1 : "Chaos" from "Super Robot Taisen A" (GBA)
  • Dr.Wily Stage 2 : "Youmu Stage" from "MegaMari"
  • Last Boss : "Title"/"LastBoss" from MegaMari
  • Last Boss Clear : "Mission Complete!" from "Metal Slug" (Neo Geo)
  • Ending : "Ending" from "Final Fight One" (GBA)
  • Staff Roll : "Yuusuke's Theme" from "Yuu Yuu Hakusho 2" (SFC)

[edit] Weapons

  • Flash Man - The World (can also be written as Za Warudo; the weapon is a clear reference to the meme)
  • Metal Man - Rising Sun
  • Heat Man - Proto Charge
  • Bubble Man - Spin Wheel
  • Air Man - Wind Slicer
  • Quick Man - Delay Flame
  • Wood Man - Ice Circle
  • Crash Man - Rumbling Bang