Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

By John Casillas

The International Journal of the Medical Banking Volume 3 · 2010 Cover

The 3rd volume of The International Journal of Medical Banking really began when I phoned Maureen Turo, who has been the President of our Advisory Council and agreed to stay on for a short while longer as we integrated MBProject into HIMSS. I told her about my dream to have Carnegie Mellon University take on IJMB as a student project. Maureen hung up the phone and in two weeks she had secured the interest of David Dausey, PhD, Senior Director of Health Programs and Initiatives at Carnegie Mellon University. The rest was history.well, not quite.

You see, just as we were starting to get some article submissions, my Point & Click Expedition Tour began to take precedence, and just as I started to get the hang of driving around the country and blogging, the HIMSS and MBProject unification talks started to heat up! Now, the rest is history.

We were extremely fortunate to gain the services of an experience journal editor, Fran Perveiler, who directs communications at HIMSS. Fran is a joy to work with. I told her my process, she translated, and off to work we went. Teaming with Dr. Dausey and the good student volunteers at Carnegie Mellon University, she was able to “process the articles,” run them through our great peer review panels and really produce this new body of work. I owe each of these “spokes in the wheel” of progress my gratitude for a job well done!

So much for behind the scenes.this issue is relatively short. The global credit crisis and health reform made sure of that, impacting the amount of time volunteers could dedicate towards writing. But what we’ve captured, I believe, continues our tradition of raising critical issues for building a medical banking ecosystem—fraud and abuse by Allan Klindworth and Stephen T. Parente; business impacts of physician alignment with hospitals by J.R. Thomas; using SWIFT for health payment and remittance processing by Peter Lang; and, one of my favorite topics, creating community care platforms by Joe Jackson. I applaud the authors for isolating key issues as we design a future state of our global healthcare financial network.