The Collectors airs on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm on ABC1.   This week: the personal story of achievement by the remarkable Adrian Anantawan, a brilliant young Canadian solo violinist, born without a right hand. The film captures his awesome solo debut performance with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

This week, The Collectors' charming host, Andy Muirhead takes time out to answer our questions.

You started off as a Biologist.  How did you end up becoming a comedian and TV host?
I always tell people  “the normal way.”  The long version is, that I worked alone in the forests of Tasmania as part of my job as a biologist for a large forestry company.  To balance that, (and impress a girl) I entered Raw Comedy – a national search for new comedians – and picked up a few small gigs from there.  I met up with Wil Anderson and he told me about this pilot the ABC was filming in Hobart.  They were looking for a comic to do their audience warm up.  One thing led to another and what do you know? I became the host.
What's the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is getting behind the scenes in places that no one ever gets to go.  I’ve seen the most amazing things tucked away in museum vaults and private collectors strong rooms.  I’ve played guitars worth three quarters of a million dollars, Held William O’hara Bourke’s pistol and worn a pair of Elvis’ glasses.  Pretty cool.
What's your dream job?
Easy, zoo keeper.  I’ve always wanted to work in the zoo.  My biology career was heading vaguely that way but 6 years ago TV and Radio came along and Im loving that too much to switch just yet.  Look for me at the zoo when I’m 80!
What's in store for audiences in the new season of The Collectors?
Well this weekend I’m going to visit a glider collection  and gliding club in Victoria.  I just got a call asking if I wanted to go up in one.  So this year you will either see me having the time of my life or being very, very sick whilst trying to appear cool and in control!  Either way, it will be worth watching.
What's the highlight of the season for you?
I’m off to see a collection put together by one of the roadies for Queen.  He was with the band for 20 years and has documented the whole thing in photos and song sheets.  His collection is amazing  he has Freddie’s “Pink Ladies” jacket and heaps of great stories to tell.  It really is all about the stories for me. Objects can be beautiful and valuable but without the stories, they are just “things”.                                     
You've got a new member joining the panelist joining this season.  Tell us about her.
Claudia is great.  Her knowledge of fashion and design is incredible.  She is a designer in her own right but also travels the world attending fashion shows and festivals.  On the side, she collects tin toy robots.  That’s actually how we met her, in Sydney when we profiled her toy collection.  She is super stylish, makes me feel nervous about the holes in my socks!
What do you like to watch on TV?
I watch a lot of TV!  People always complain that there is “nothing worth watching these days”.  Well, the way I see it, we have more choice on free-to-air than we have ever had.  The chances of uncovering the hidden gems of the schedule are greater than ever.  The young ones is back, as is QI and even sporadic episodes of Spaced.  I’m a box set addict as well.  My shelves are stacked with Entourage, West wing, The Wire and Deadwood.  I’ve recently re-watched Band of Brothers and am hanging out for The Pacific to start.  Will definitely be setting the recorder for that!