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Help us spread the word about the important changes that are happening at O'Hare's airfield. Download the materials below from our online outreach toolkit:

New Flier! (ORD Runway 10/28 Extension)

ORD Runway 10/28 Extension Poster

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View a Video showing the Runway 10/28 Extension


The O'Hare Modernization Program

Visit the OMP Web site.


Flags at International Terminal - O'Hare Terminal 5


Plane taking off at O'Hare International Airport


Banner for O'Hare 10/28 Runway Extension
On September 25, 2008, new flight procedures for Runway 10 approaches will be in effect.

The O'Hare Modernization Program (OMP) will take a significant step forward on September 25th as Runway 10/28 is extended west to reach 13,000 feet in length.

New parallel and connector taxiways will accompany the extension and include new taxiway crossover names: ZC, ZD, ZE, ZF, ZG and ZH. Taxiway M and the north line of the 10 Pad will be extended and renamed Taxiway L.



About the Pilot Awareness Campaign
The Chicago Department of Aviation and the O'Hare Modernization Program have developed a pilot awareness campaign to raise awareness of O'Hare International Airport's airfield changes among all key stakeholders.

How You Can Help?

There are many ways in which you can help us educate stakeholders about O'Hare's runway re-designation program. Help us distribute these materials broadly throughout your organization, possibly by:

  • Placing posters in employee break rooms and pilot lounges
  • Attaching fliers to paychecks and posting them on bulletin boards
  • Distributing brochures in staff meetings
  • Posting information on Web sites
  • Blast-faxing or e-mailing information to employees, colleagues and friends
  • Bookmarking this Web page, linking to this Web page or e-mailing the Web address to a friend

Aerial Photo of O'Hare

Upcoming Change. . .

On November 20, 2008, a new 7,500 foot Runway 9L-27R will be commissioned.

About the Existing Plan

Currently, O’Hare has two east-west runways. New parallel runways, both north and south of the existing runways, will be constructed over the next few years.

By the end of 2011, the Airport will have four parallel east-west runways, two on the north side of the main terminal core area and two on the south. In the future, all runways north of the terminal will be referred to as 9-27 Runways and all runways south of the terminal will be 10-28 Runways. The two north side runways will be named 9L-27R and 9R-27L, and the south side runways will be named 10L-28R and 10R-28L.


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