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Great America gets OK on 150-ft.-high coaster

June 12, 2010

A 150-foot-high roller coaster could be relocated to Great America from another Six Flags theme park, officials say.

Officials say "nothing is for sure," but the company has won approval from the Gurnee Zoning Board of Appeals to exceed the 125-foot height restriction for a new 150-foot coaster.

The ride is proposed for the park's Space Port area near the main entrance. The site was once home to Space Shuttle America, which closed after the 2007 season.

"This is our first major thrill ride proposed since Superman in 2003," said Hank Salemi, park president.

Park officials said they are in the very early stages of planning and there is no construction timeline. However, the coaster is expected to come from another Six Flags park and was manufactured by the Swiss company B&M, creators of Batman, Superman and Raging Bull.

"It's important we continue to freshen our product and expand and increase revenue," said Salemi.

Zoning board president Tom Hood agreed, stating, "Bigger, better, faster is what makes or breaks Great America."