1911 Chicago International Aviation Meet

In April, 1911 a group of prominent businessmen attended a dinner at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago, which was arranged by Harold McCormick, a member of the wealthy reaper family and a son-in-law of John D. Rockefeller.  Dinner over, McCormick got down to business - Chicago should host an international aviation meet during the summer months.  The assembled gentlemen were in agreement; the question was where and when.

(to be continued)

August 19, 1911 Admission Ticket to the International Aviation Meet:

Postcard labeled: Ovington's Bleriot Monoplane, Aviation Meet, Chicago, Illinois, 1911:

Postcard labeled: Curtiss Hydro-Biplane International Aviation Meet Chicago 1911:

Postcard labeled: Robinson's Curtiss Hydroplane Chicago Meet 1911

Postcard labeled: International Aviation Meet Chicago 1911

Unlabeled Postcard from the International Aviation Meet:

Postcard labeled: Wreck of Stone's Monoplane International Aviation Meet Chicago 1911





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