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Eyam, Derbyshire
Names from the Hearth Tax Assessments, 1662-70

This list is transcribed from: "Derbyshire Hearth Tax Assessments 1662-70",
edited by David G. Edwards,
published by Derbyshire Record Society, Volume VII, 1982.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, and
reproduced with kind permission of David Edwards, and The Derbyshire Record Society.

Hearth Tax Assessments © Crown Copyright

60 61
Robert Eyre Esq. of Highlow9 Robert Hardey Thorpe1
Mary Rowland1 Katherine Wilson1
Dorothy Cowlishaw1 Bridget Ash1
George Johnson1 Mr Mompheson4
John Hawksworth1 Mr Stanley2
Tho. Chapman sen.1 Stephen Wild for two halfe yeares2s
John Drable1 John Abell1
Ann Merrill1 c Francis Whitacre1
George Plats1 Tho. Taylor1
John Hall1 Rich. Bockinge1
James Moore3 Tho. Heath1
Edw. Taylor1 Nicolas Thornely1
John Danyell1 Francis Bockinge1
Nicholas Danyell1 Will. Fryth2
Tho. Danyell2 Godfrey Torr1
John Hardy1 Stephen French1
John Ragg2 Christopher Abell1
Rowland Wilsons house1 Francis Torr1
Robt Fiddler1 John Coates1
Rich Saxelly1 Tho. Torr1
Margaret ?Pillington1 Phillip Sheldon4
Martyn Furnise3 George Talbot1
Amye Furnise1 Whyteleys House1
Elizabeth Wood1 Robt Slyn1
Francis Thornly1 Tho. Fryth1
Peter Bradshaw Esq.7 Jo. Taylor for one halfe yeare1s
Richard Furnise2 Will. Knowles1
Francis Garret1 Row. Merrill1
Widd. skydmore1 Tho. Wild1
Mary Wilson widd.1 Robt Hill1
Willm Crane1 Matthew Morton1
Rogger Gregory1  
Will. Wilson4  
Robt Fox1  
Francis Blackwall1  
Jo. Swindle1  
Alice Rowland2  
Tho. Wright Gent.4  
Henry Fanshawnoth.  
Will Baxtris housenoth.  
Antho. Raworth1  
John Coe1  
Will. Ainesworth1  
Jo. Wilson1  
Tho. Wragg1 Ret  

Total 76 Houses

Transcriber's Note: A version of this list is also published in The Story of Eyam Plague with a Guide to the Village; by Clarence Daniel (1977, 1983 & 1985). This same publication also includes a note that the Religious Census of 1676 lists Conformists (526), Papists (3) and Nonconformists (3).

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