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Staley's annual mascot halftime football game proved to be yet another letdown for this year's hopeful fur balls. This year's group of youngsters, hailing from Naperville's St. Raphael League, dominated both sides of the football and ran away with a 14-0 victory. When asked how the Naperville Bandits managed to prevent the Furballs from scoring a single point Staley had little to say. Then again Staley rarely says anything…Mascots don't talk!

"We had a strong drive going on our 1st possession until I fumbled on the three yard line", said Staley. "It all comes down to fundamentals…you have to protect the football!"

Following the mascot game, Staley along with a few of his pals, worked on their tan lines as they watched the Bears defeat the St. Louis Rams. "I'm just trying to maintain my golden brown complexion," said Staley. "Benny the Bull on the other hand, was going for deep red". While the December air might have made some Bear fans chilly, it proved no match for Staley and his pals. Mascots have the warmest "seat" in the house. "We love the cold weather!" exclaimed Staley. View photo gallery from the game!