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Who is Jack White? I have been studying the Kennedy assassination since 1963. I have hundreds and hundreds of books, magazines, articles, newsletters, recordings, videotapes and other research materials on the subject. I have done intensive original photographic research in certain areas, such as Lee Harvey Oswald, the backyard photos, persons in Dealey Plaza such as the Umbrella Man, the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, the Zapruder film, Badgeman, etc. For 3 years I produced The Continuing Inquiry for Penn Jones. Along with Robert Groden, I was a photographic consultant to the HSCA in the 70s and to Oliver Stone in the 90s. Over 30 years I have accumulated a 5-hour (or less as required) slide show which has been presented hundreds of times to audiences as large as 800 and as small as one. Because of numerous requests from younger researchers to share my research, I have produced 2 JFK research videos and several posters (see later mention). I have written numerous articles/contributions for The Continuing Inquiry, Coverups, Grassy Knoll Gazette, The Third/Fourth Decade, The Investigator, and Probe. My weekly correspondence with JFK researchers averages 5 or 6 letters a week. Some call me an expert. Some, like Posner, vilify me (a compliment!). The CIA, according to Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, considers me the most dangerous JFK photo researcher (another compliment!). This WWWsite is my attempt to help younger researchers sort out the TRUTH from the lies, misinformation and disinformation which have accumulated over the years. I hope there will be those among you who will help by interacting with this net-page (via my E-mail address under header) as follows:
With your help, we can compile a researcher consensus to assist novices in the search for truth. I will revise this web-site periodically to reflect your participation. This will not be a pro/con discussion; rather, based on my experience I will be the sole judge of which opinions I choose to include as truth, lies, or unproved. If I disagree with your opinion (proved or unproved), I may list it in the needs to be proved category. If there is a lack of response, I may resort to brief articles by myself or others.

Now, the commercial: To help educate the next generation of JFK researchers, I have produced the following materials to assist in the search for truth.


FAKE, the forged photo that framed Oswald

Photoanalysis by Jack White has proved beyond doubt that the famous backyard photos of Lee Harvey Oswald are clever forgeries used to incriminate him by the planners of President Kennedys execution. White served as consultant to the HSCA because of his JFK expertise in photography and photoanalysis, and testified regarding his research on these mysterious photos. Experts have called his analysis brilliant. Now, judge for yourself whether these photos are real...or fake! 50 minutes, VHS only. Produced by Jack White from his original photoanalysis. Script and direction by Jim Marrs. $26.00 (includes shipping, handling and tax. Make check or money order payable to JFK Video. Mail to JFK Video, 704 Candlewood Road, Fort Worth, TX 76103. (U.S. price only; foreign postage rates on request.)

THE MANY FACES OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD, unmasking the secret agent framed as Kennedys killer

For more than 25 years photoanalyst Jack White has studied photos of Lee Harvey Oswald and has reached startling conclusions that will rewrite the history of the Kennedy Assassination. Every American needs to see this astounding proof of conspiracy and governmental coverup...how the official lone nut assassin theory of the Warren Commission withheld from the public the true identity of the accused in the interest of national security. When you see this video you will understand who Oswald really was, and was not! You will see another man (Roscoe White) who may have helped fabricate the backyard photos. This study of LHO ID photos answers questions that the Warren Commission and HSCA failed to ask about the framing of Oswald and the coup which killed Kennedy. 60 minutes, VHS only. Produced by Jack White from his original photoanalysis. Script and direction by Jim Marrs. $26.00 (includes shipping, handling and tax. Make check or money order payable to JFK Video. Mail to JFK Video, 704 Candlewood Road, Fort Worth, TX 76103. (U.S. price only; foreign postage rates on request.)

THE TWO OSWALDS, unmasking a Cold War secret spy operation that was the reason for the governmental assassination coverup! (not yet available; now in script stage)

This new video will feature the research of Jack White and John Armstrong, with script and direction by Jim Marrs. You will see how a minor Cold War spy intrigue provided conspirators with an assassination patsy and forced the government to cover up that fact till this day! Imagine the panic in government when it became known that the accused assassin was an agent of a U.S. intelligence agency, using the identity and legend created for him by that agency!!! You will see that at age 13, young Oswald loaned his identity to a future false defector to Russia. You will see that two Marguerite Oswalds were mothers to the two young Oswalds. The two young Oswalds pursued parallel courses until one of them, an alleged disgruntled Marine, defected to the Soviet Union to pursue unknown intelligence objectives. The other assumed a new identity and is probably alive today. The one who went to Russia as an agent, after returning to the US, was manipulated by his intelligence handlers into the tangled web of the JFK plot, assuring that no official investigation ever could be made into his identity! If you are interested in obtaining this forthcoming video, please send an E-mail message to jwjfk@flash.net and we will let you know when it becomes available.


THE EVOLUTION OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD, an 18x24 color poster of 77 ID photos of LHO

Long troubled by many Oswald photos that seem to be someone else, Jack White has assembled 77 facial photos of the alleged assassin into a color poster, on heavy paper, that demonstrates there was more than one person using that name. You can prove to yourself, by comparing these pictures, that Oswald loaned his identity to an intelligence agent...a conclusion inescapable when you see for yourself there are are two or more Oswalds. This is possibly the most important study aid for JFK researchers in 30 years! (See page 240 of Grodens Search for Lee Harvey Oswald.) Posters are $15.00 EACH (plus $5.00 for postage, mailing tube, handling and sales tax, regardless of number of posters in same order). For one poster, send $20.00 check or money order to Jack White JFK Educational Research, 704 Candlewood Road, Fort Worth, TX 76103. (U.S. price only; foreign postage rates on request.)

THE DAY OF THE UMBRELLA MAN, an 11x17 b/w photo poster of all the activities in Dealey Plaza on November 22 of a man with an umbrella, and his curious companion.

Available only to those ordering at the same time the LHO poster above, this Umbrella Man educational research poster will be mailed in the same tube with the larger poster for only $2.00 EACH additional. This is an updated revision of the famous Umbrella Man poster which Jack White produced for Penn Jones The Continuing Inquiry in the late 1970s.

E-Mail orders not accepted; check or money order must accompany each order, along with your snailmail address (delivery by U.S Mail). Make checks for videos payable to JFK VIDEO; make checks for posters payable to JACK WHITE. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

End of JWJFK bulletin number 1, March 27, 1996

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Jack White JFK Educational Research
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