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We need our own Cameron, or three of them!

17 June 2010 | Nidzara Ahmetasevic

Nidzara Ahmetasevic “What happened should never, ever have happened. The families of those who died should not have had to live with the pain and the hurt of that day and with a lifetime of loss. Some members of our armed forces acted wrongly. The Government is ultimately responsible for the conduct of the armed forces and for that, on behalf of the Government, indeed, on behalf of our country, I am deeply sorry.”

EULEX to Remain in Kosovo for Two More Years
09 June 2010 |

The European Union on Tuesday extended the mandate of its rule of law mission in Kosovo, EULEX, for another two years.

Albania Leaders Exchange Barbs over Failed Talks
18 June 2010 |

Albania’s political leaders blamed each other on Thursday for the failure of EU-sponsored talks aimed at resolving the country's political crisis.

Custody of Drvar and Cajnice Crimes Indictees Extended
18 June 2010 |

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina extends custody of five indictees who are charged with crimes committed in the Drvar and Cajnice areas.

Yugoslav Movie Star Bekim Fehmiu Found Dead

Belgrade | 15 June 2010 | Bojana Barlovac
Bekim Fehmiu in a movie Vreme Ljubavi
Bekim Fehmiu in a movie Vreme Ljubavi
One of the most famous actors in the former Yugoslavia, Bekim Fehmiu, has died in Belgrade at the age of 74.

Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic confirmed the death of the star, saying that the actor was found shot in his apartment in Belgrade today.

It is assumed that Fehmiu committed suicide, Dacic said, because the shots were fired from a gun which is registered to Fehmiu's name.

Born in Sarajevo in 1936, Fehmiu gained popularity in Yugoslavia in his role of handsome Bora in the movie Skupljaci Perja, directed by Aleksandar Sasa Petrovic in 1967.

Soon afterward Fehmiu began an international career, starring mostly in European productions, particularly in Italy and also in the US, collaborating with director Dean de Laurentiis and John Huston, Olivia de Hevilend, Ava Gardner, Dirk Bogart, Charles Aznavour and other world stars.

In late 1980s Fehmiu, who was also considered one of the most handsome actors in the region, announced he was retiring from public life after roles in some 45 films.

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RIP Bekim Fehmiu
2010-06-15 23:24:37
Bekim was an Albanian from Kosovo! RIP

the yugoslav huh
2010-06-16 04:06:17
Bekim Fehmiu... that name cant be more albanian, cant hide that Bojana.

2010-06-16 11:42:36
this is very sad... i was quite fond of him/his roles! r.i.p.

RIP Bekim Fehmiu
2010-06-16 11:42:53
Rest in Peace Bekim Fehmiu. Really sad news. I wish we had seen more of you in the last decades.

Bekim Fehmiu
2010-06-16 16:27:05
As with everything, 300 years from now, this guy will be Bojan Fehmicic. What a joke this "jugaslavia" was, good riddance. Rip to one of the greatest Albanian actors along with Aleksander Moisiu and other big names produced by the motherland.
Dioskurian Knights

Nderime per nje njeri te madh!
2010-06-16 18:56:10
Like his pure albanian name says it all, "Bekim", was such a "Blessing" for his country. Rest In Peace, honorable man and actor, that only comes once in a lifetime! :(

RIP Bekim Fehmiu
2010-06-16 19:51:47
It's just so sad to hear this. His photo will stand on my wall for many years to come...His art will stay in my heart forever. Rest in Peace Bekim Fehmiu!
Vajz e Valave

He retired to protest against Serb nationalism!
2010-06-16 20:25:01
In 1987 in sign of protest to the Yugoslav regime for the Ethnic cleansing of Albanians, he walked off the stage of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade, during the staging of the play Madame Colontein by Agnette Pleyal, in which he played Lenin and Stalin, publicly saying goodbye to the theater, and later to films as well.

Shame on commenters
2010-06-16 21:08:53
Shame on you for fighting over his bones like that.

bekim fehmiu
2010-06-16 21:22:37
well this is great albanian actor ever from KOSOVA good bless you Bekim Fehmiu
the illyrian

2010-06-16 22:03:04
I think he was one of the greatest actors in the world. My condolences to the family. R.I.P.

Bekim Fehmiu
2010-06-16 22:08:34
Bekim Fehmiu was a great patriot, he loved Serbia and Belgrade in which it lived and we loved him, and his films. He did not want to be inclined to separatists in Kosovo, they are carried out daily pressure on him and it's impact on his act of suicide.

aged out of his looks
2010-06-17 00:19:52
The fact that he was living in Belgrade shows it is multicultural. Wonder why he killed himself though? Perhaps, like many actors/celebrities, he couldn't stand to be old and unattractive.

RIP Bekim
2010-06-17 01:55:52
Bekim Fehmiju was an ethnic Albanian (Kosovan) theater and film actor. And the reason he quitted acting in Yugoslavia was, quote: “Because of the anti-Albanian ‘breath’” This happened back in 1987 in the play “Madame Kolontine” where he played Leninin & Stalinin. He played in Hollywood, and Europe! Rest in peace dear Bekim Fehmiu
RIP Bekim

rip bekim fehmiu
2010-06-17 05:10:32
Interestingly he is referred to as a yugoslav movie star. was he serbian he would've been referred to staunchly as a serb actor. I love the objectivity around here.

Olways On My Mind
2010-06-17 15:40:39
i wont forget u never dear Albanian , ur name will be never forgotten , you will olways on my mind

2010-06-17 22:44:12
Fehmiu was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Albanian parents. He graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts (FDU) in Belgrade. He was married to Serbian actress Branka Petrić. The couple had two sons and resided in the Zvezdara area of Belgrade. /Wikipedia
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