Day 8 - 13:00

EXCLUSIVE- Shopping Task Revealed

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EXCLUSIVE- Shopping Task Revealed

This week's shopping task sees a special appearance from gorgeous BBLB presenter, George Lamb. He will be asking the housemates to try out some new TV pilots to replace the huge void that Big Brother leaves.
Housemates will be taking part in three new game show formats over the next two days. Two will take place today, and the final one will take place tomorrow.
Housemates will be the contestants and each pilot will present an opportunity to win money towards their weekly shopping budget. In addition, the individual winner of each game show will win a very special individual prize (which we will exclusively reveal tomorrow). George will introduce the task via the plasma screen and will then introduce each game show.

Sunshine and Ben are the first 2 housemates to take part in this task.
They will watch clips of pensioners talking about various topics and then will have to guess what they are talking about whilst being watched by the other housemates.  

There are 7 topics in total. For every hot topic they guess correctly, they will each receive £10 towards the shopping budget. The individual winner will also win a mystery special prize.

They are currently getting ready and putting on some game show clobber, stay tuned to see how they get on.


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