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“Like the perfect department store, Andy Clockwise has everything under one roof. The only thing more astonishing than how many styles he explores on this album, is how many he gets spot on.” - Bernard Zuel, The Sydney Morning Herald (4 stars)

“He’s so good it’s almost unfair.” - The Daily Telegraph

In 2002, Andy Kelly was homeless and destitute in his home country of Australia. After bizarre circumstances led him to help a friend with recording an EP, Andy fervently poured his passions into his own music. The result was his own debut EP “Song Exhibition,” which Australian radio station Triple J discovered and promoted heavily. From there on out Andy, working from then on as “Andy Clockwise” had his very own career in music, writing, creating and producing what he likes to call “Schizo Pop,” music that is “ever changing” but always emotionally captivating.

Now years later Andy who is also a Los Angeles resident, is releasing his finest work to date. “Are You Well?” is the product of years of refining his craft, as the music synthesizes many stylistic influences into one sound that is warmly familiar and classic yet uniquely fresh. His haunting voice and orchestral arrangements are deeply moving and resurrect the artistic vision of such innovators as Nick Cave, American Music Club, and more recently The National. Andy is also currently recording with the iconic Chris Knox for am upcoming full-length.

While these above reference points might provide some artistic sign posts for the cursory listen, the critical ear will quickly realize that this is music which defies description and challenges the boundaries of indie-rock. “Are You Well?” is a testament to his development as an artist, with songs as varied as “Love & War,” which retells the story of a love affair gone wrong, and “HyperBallad,” a choice Bjork cover that is strikingly emotional.

Currently returning from an Australian tour with Julian Casablancas, Andy will continue his tradition of shocking American audiences with his uniquely interactive live performance which, as Andy puts it, is “definitely not an ‘us’ and ‘them’ experience.” Managing to play all roles at once both in-studio and live, Andy Clockwise is an artist that never ceases to amaze, always pushing boundaries and pouring every ounce of his passions into his musical vision.

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