ISSN 1467-8837

ISSUE TWO - 2000

Both review papers in this issue of CAPRA were given in a cave archaeology session at the TAG (theoretical archaeological group) conference held last year in Cardiff, the session abstract for which can still be viewed. Two of these papers have now been published here. Also out in this issue are the Welsh and Scottish hominid bearing cave gazetteers.


Upwards at 45 degrees: the use of vertical caves during the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age on Mendip, Somerset. by Jodie Lewis.

The Brighter the Light, the Darker the Shadows: How we perceive and represent underground spaces by Martin Roe

Following on from the sucess of the gazetteer of the hominid bearing English caves, two more regions of the United Kingdom have now been finished, and are available to view. Choose one of the icons below for Wales or Scotland. A link is also provided to the English gazetteer in Issue One.

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