The Restoration of the Republic

Seven things for you to do:

1. Become informed – The books THE RESTORATION OF OUR REPUBLIC and THE FIVE THOUSAND YEAR LEAP available here are an excellent place to begin. Make these books available to others.

2. Register as a supporter. Numbers are impontant to show the movements progression. We also need to know who you are to keep you informed of important issues, events and help you participate in the organization.

3. Distribute the movement’s flyer available from this website.  Talk to everyone you know.

4. Organize a neighborhood Republic. After yourself and family, this is the basic unit of the movement. This is where support originates and how we propose to have responsibility going in and accountability coming out.  Most of the Republics use the concepts of the books mentioned above as a study and discussion guide for gatherings. After election of our candidates we believe that these individual republics will be a tremendous support, watch and strength for good government. You will be surprised at how many people that you know are hungry to be a part of something important and bigger than themselves. Ask and invite, and it will happen. Watch this website for updates, how to info and success stories.

5. Participate in your local Independence Movement Liberty Convention. This is where representation and delegation of authority is chosen to represent each republic. It will also be a business and teaching event. Participants who are not part of a smaller republic will be able to become connected at this event.

6. Support America and vote Independent.  Encourage others.

7. Continue to participate as the movement supports leaders and good government after the election. Remember that it can be a very lonely position defending the rights of citizens against an over-sized bullying federal government. If an elected official knew that one call to the citizens’ group that issued the call to serve would bring the required support, imagine how it could change things.

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