I’ve just signed a production deal with Cartoon Network.

When I say that I’ve “just” signed, that means that I actually signed several months ago, but this is the first time I’ve been allowed to openly talk about it.

Without going into too much detail, the good folks at Cartoon Network decided that they liked me and wanted me to provide some content for them – series, features, animation, live-action… they were open to anything.  So after a couple years (yes, really) of the lawyers going back and forth, we finalized a deal – now all I have to do is start making stuff!

The first thing I’m on track to do for them is, in fact, a live-action feature film.

You may ask all your obvious questions now.

Have you already written the script?

Yes – in fact, I’m about to start the third draft.  It needs to be fine-tuned a bit more and it hasn’t been officially green-lit yet, but it’s gotten some very positive buzz at the network.

Is is going to be a sequel to UHF?

Sorry, no.

Is it going to be a documentary about Winston Churchill?

Again, no.

Is it going to be funny?

Well, that’s the intention.

Are you going to star in it?

No, but I’ll be making an appearance in it.  Cartoon Network had requested that I develop a show with a much younger protagonist – the actual star of the movie will most likely be teenage.

Are you going to direct it?

Yes.  I’m very excited about that.  I’ve directed a lot of music videos as well as the “Al’s Brain” 3-D attraction and the “Spy Hard” title sequence, but I’ve never shot an entire feature film, so this will be a big first for me.

When’s the movie going to be done?

Hey, don’t rush me!  I don’t know.  It’s a miracle any time a movie actually gets made, so I don’t want to jinx it too much.  The very earliest we’d be able to shoot it would be this fall (after my national concert tour).  I’ll definitely keep you posted.

What’s the movie going to be abou—

That’s it.  No more questions.  I’ve said all that I can say for now.  Thanks for coming to the press conference.


  1. Great Al!!!!!

    • Al,
      I just watched you on Raw Nerve…my respect for you grew 100 fold!! I can’t wait to see you live…keep it going!!

      • i already have at the fair, AMAAAAAA ZING haha

    • Weird Al,
      Here is your latest and greatest idea, and it is free. Take the lady gaga song, “paparazi,” and make a song about Luca Brazi(you know, the fat guy from the Godfather that sleeps with the fishes). It’ll be a shout out to your older fans, and will bring a lot of the younger crew to Godfather fanship. When you produce it, I don’t want any money, just send me a letter saying thanks for the idea.
      Ron Schoch

      I can already hear it
      Instead of
      “Papa Paparazi”
      you got
      “Luca Luca Brazi”

    • What is the film’s title?

    • Hey Al:
      My sister just made me laugh my ass off. She wants you to do a song based on Lady Gaga’s hit “Bad Romance”. She’s give you a title “Caught in a Pair of Pants.”

    • al please write a remake of “video killed the radio star“. with “reality killed the video star“. i grew up watching mtv and for the past couple of years i can’t even turn the channel on.

  2. Good for you! I know our family have always loved and appreciated you! Esp Amish Paradise and I’m Fat….even the 2 yr old sings that one. Keep up the awesome work. We are rooting for you!
    Alicia, Dan & our 7 kids

  3. Glad to hear you got it all sorted out Al. I look forward to seeing what you have come up with! Really excited for you in your new venture (one of your many new ventures) At least life is never dull eh? I’m sure this will be wonderful. It would be nice to see you take a role in the film, even if it is not the lead. Good luck with it all. Thrilled for you!

  4. If I can’t watch UHF… I swear I’ll watch this before I die at least.

  5. //Is it going to be funny?

    Well, that’s the intention.//

    If it ends up being less funny than intended, will you guest star on the RiffTrax for it?

  6. Congrats Al! I think you’ve got the perfect sensibilities for directing (also, huge fan of UHF ;) ).

    One question: Would a film written & directed by you incorporate cinematic parody elements like your the majority of your musical catalog, or will you be trying something different? Either way, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  7. Way to go, Al, this is great news! Best of luck to you.

  8. I’m glad you have the film in the works… but did you say “national concert tour”? :)

  9. Congratulations, Al! I’m sure you’ll do a great job, as you do with everything.

  10. Congrats on the deal and looking forward to the cinematic display (in 3-D?) as well as the concert tour (you *are* coming to the Bay Area, right? right??)

  11. So what is the movie gonna be about? :D

  12. Congrats, Al!

    • WEIRD AL



  13. Great news Al! Can’t wait…!

  14. awesome! congrats!

  15. I hope this thing you are doing will find it’s way to Europe. And especially The Netherlands’ variety of Cartoon Network.

    And nice you have found something to do once you are in a wheelchair and unable to that ‘dancing thing’ you do on stage. Stronger than the body the mind is. Would Yoda say.

  16. cameo all the actors of UHF, please.

  17. Ooh, this sounds awfully exciting.

    Just don’t cast any of those boyish looking teen heart throbs or my morals won’t let me watch it.

  18. Congrats Sir! If you need any production help or an editor let me know.

  19. Al, not that I am trying to realistically trying to convince you to cast me in this role, because obviously that isn’t very likely, I do fully think you should try to go the “completely unknown actor” route. Possibly pluck somebody straight from youtube. As an avid Youtuber, I know of about 50 truckloads of people on there who will do anything for you if it’s in front of a camera and if it gets them noticed.

  20. If you ever DO make a sequel to UHF, call it “WWW” or something that shows you have progressed to a newer medium.

  21. My boys are going to be so excited! Can’t wait until it airs.

  22. Mr Yankovic!
    I’m happy to read of you upcoming project! Are you in need of any schlub in their mid-thirties to use as an extra? Maybe a supporting role? O have no experience but am willing to learn.

  23. Awesome!!! I just had the pleasure of introducing my daughter to your fine film, “UHF” and the husband and I were lamenting the fact you’d never starred in/made another movie. Such great news!!!! Good luck with everything!!

  24. Hey Al, if you need storyboarding help my husbands the man to see ;)


  25. Congratulations! But I have one complaint. You said, “it’s a miracle any time a movie actually gets made.” Are you sure you don’t want to revise that statement?

  26. As an indie-film-making veteran, kudos to you for getting the deal sealed & moving! As a fan, great job on the new hits CD – essentials indeed. Keep on living the dream & spreading knowledge through entertainment! I’d love to have a shot at one of your characters in the new story!

  27. I believe you forgot one question Al:

    Will this movie feature lost of cool new funny songs by you? (and/or other funny musicians seeing as how you seem to be hanging out with a lot of them on twitter)

  28. Congratulations on ending a multi-year negotiation. Can’t wait to see what comes of it!

  29. Wait a minute……. I think you just said my three favorite words for me to hear (read) you say: NATIONAL CONCERT TOUR!!!!!!

    Rob and I will be there, right Rob?

    • I’m in! All I need is a tour itinerary so I know how many shows I can stalk. :)

  30. Neato. I hope the teenager gets to meet up with a female archaeologist in her 30s, because this PhD thing isn’t really doing much with the economy and all. And Michigan is a great place to film something these days…

    Have fun :)

  31. Very very exciting.

  32. Wait – you said tour! As awesome as the movie will be, the tour sounds like it will be happening first so one thing at a time as I can only handle so much excitement at once.

    Which also probably means a new tour equals a finished album? More cheers!

    Keep blogging, we want more. Encore! Encore!

  33. If you film in the greater Vancouver area, give me a shout. I’m not professional but I dream of it someday

  34. Sweet. I was hoping you’d be in it, but I then realized that You are in your fifties and that it may be juuust a little weird having you on a kid’s channel. Then again, you are Weird Al.
    Good. luck, “homedog”.
    That makes me think of hotdog.

  35. Awesome news! This is super exciting! YAY!

  36. Good Deal! You’ll be a great director! Good luck!

  37. Awesome!!!

  38. Hey, I was a teenager once. Can I be the star…or at least watch it.

    Great going Al! I look forward to it!

  39. Congrats, Al! Can I help the production? I live in West Hollywood, been a lifetime fan, and will be out of film grad school this June. I’ll work for free. It would just be fun to be there and help you out! (No, I’m not looking for an acting gig, I’m a crew/design guy).

  40. This is all so very cool,but,I don’t live in the USA,but it would be cool if you would do a tour in Serbia!!! You are a GOD here!!

  41. Awesome! I can’t wait to see it! :o )

  42. Are you *sure* it’s not UHF2: The UHFening?

  43. I like the announcement, but I might enjoy the vague Simpsons reference even more.

  44. You can congratulate him all u want he doesn’t read any of this

    • Thats where you’re completely wrong, in fact. Enough people posting here know Al well enough to tell you that not only does he read all his blog comments, but he reads vast amounts of the comments left for him on Twitter, Facebook etc. We know this because on meeting fans he often already knows their screen-names and some details about them without being told in person

  45. Hi, Al! This is wonderful news! I’m very excited for you! Thanks so much for telling us all about this. You RULE!!

  46. First off, congratulations!
    Secondly, oh happy day! I’m super-excited. Can’t wait to see it!

  47. You speak my language Mr. Yankovic ^-^ lolol

  48. For the love of all that is holy, please let it be a full-length feature of Spatula City. Teenagers love spatulas. Or at the very least The Volcano Worhippers Hour… And A Half.

  49. Congrats, Al!
    Been a fan since listening to the Dr D’s funny five (My Bologna). I saw you on Shatners show; Shatner came off poorly, but you carried him.
    Prefer a UHF sequal, but look forward to watching your movie with my grandson.

  50. Congratulations. Would be nice to see you start creeping back into the headlines again. This country needs to laugh at itself again.


    • Hmmmm. Don’t mean to change the subject, but I think everyone is laughing at the US. The country needs to get serious or we’ll all be working for China soon.

      Go cartoons.

  51. Nice… was just streaming UHF on netflix (even though I own the dvd) yesterday and Spy Hard last weekend. So glad to hear there will be more “weirdness” on the way.

    Laughing at all the job applications in the comments. Let me know when I can apply to tune into cartoon network and watch the new creation.

  52. Come on Al… you can play the role of the teenage protagonist! The audience would totally buy it!!! I love your sense of humour and especially your delivery.
    Seriously, best of luck with this project :)

  53. Looking forward to the film. Hope it comes out before the world ends in 2012!

  54. Thats great Al, Can’t wait to see it. Yeah I watch CN when there is something good on.

  55. Come on, Al. You KNOW you want to make UHF2. ALL the cool kids are doing it… Peer pressure! Peer pressure!

  56. Congrats Al! UHF had some pretty stiff competition but your fans (myself included) have been waiting a long time for you to get another shot at the big screen. I can’t wait to hear more!

  57. Last question: Can I have a role in it?


    (so many co-workers would be jealous and since I live for their pain – it would be the happiest moment of my life).

  58. CARTOOOOONS!!!!!

  59. If its like your CNR material on jib jab it will be great.

    • peggy riley phillips
    • Posted January 25, 2010 at 5:46 PM
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    yub a dub a doo! it will be magic!

    see you on the 2010 tour…again & again & again!

  60. Am I the only one that stopped reading at National Tour?
    great news!

  61. Congratulations. Would rather you were starring; hope it features your songs. I’ve been a fan ever since I first saw Eat It.

    • anonymous coward
    • Posted January 26, 2010 at 12:55 AM
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    Ooooh, a new movie. Good idea. Which reminds me, it’s been six weeks or so since I last watched UHF! Time for another spin… :D

    • godessofsmallthings
    • Posted January 26, 2010 at 1:11 AM
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    Congrats! I am sure I will enjoy the movie.

  62. So cool! Be famous and get rich :)


  64. O too bad, I really had my heart set on a movie about Winston Churchill … o well, I’m sure it will be hysterical.

  65. Sounds like fun! Congratulations! :)

  66. It needs more zombies. Really, can you ever have enough zombies? Think about it. The thing that’s been holding you back from that true success you always dreamed of? Hard work? You tried it. Great ideas, had em, done em. Zombies? Well have you? No.

    You need more zombies.

    • ShadowWing Tronix
    • Posted January 26, 2010 at 10:30 AM
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    Not a Winston Churchill documentary? Then why should I care.

    Oh, right, because Weird Al’s involved. That works.

  67. Can I be in the movie? I’m most likely teenaged.

    • geoff barraclough
    • Posted January 26, 2010 at 1:47 PM
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    • Reply

    al, i wrote a song you might be interested in, its called…die o, song to the tune of day o by harry belofante, e-mail me if you are interested… thanks geoff

  68. Oh come on dude. I respect you as an artist, but doesn’t it seem a little weird to direct a live action movie for CARTOON network. Please man, don’t go there.

  69. Unrelated–sorry–but I just wanted to point out that some friends did a Star Trek belly dance to your “White and Nerdy” song at a recent science fiction convention in Boston:

  70. I’m looking forward to it. Hope to see you soon Al.

  71. you are a good man, keep writing

  72. Some very interesting information here, and a very interesting blog too.

    I will have to bookmark this and stop by more often.


  73. Yes! Hooray, I’m so excited now.

    Last Halloween, a man came into my home dressed like you. He even learned how to play an accordion and did a marvelous job of serenading me (right in front of my boyfriend) with “Free Delivery.” Absolutely charming, fast food references included. It’s like he just -knew- I wanted olives, anchovy and pepperoni on my pizza.

    Fast forward a few months– I find out he’s kind of a douche and he pissed my boyfriend off. It’s unfortunate that sometimes even people cool enough to like Weird Al can be sleazy.

    But the point of this story is that I still think you’re awesome.

  74. Good for you.

  75. Sounds very enticing…whatever it is…lol. Anyways, it’s cool to hear about success in another’s life. I am currently writing a book- you can read about it on my blog if you choose. So to hear things like this from another person, for some reason is motivating. Thanks for sharing!

  76. Dibbs!!

    Too late, I called it. I get to be in the movie. Stuff we’ve done is at http://www.whatthejazz.com to validate my poor excuse for acting ability, but it’s too late, cause I called it.

    Thanks Buddy, just let me know when we start shooting.

  77. Good luck!! Check me out, too…
    Check out my blog for weight loss and maintenance tips and tricks from a girl who knows the struggle best!!

  78. Leave a comment and help me on my weight loss journey

  79. You ROCK!!!!

  80. wow….very interesting piece….

  81. keep writing man…

  82. Wow! That’s great, Al! DOES it have a name yet? I just want to know if it HAS a name, NOT what it is.

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  84. Congratulations, Weirdal!

    the media player in my car is on the fritz; but I was able to remain sane during a two hour drive by humming, whistling then shouting lyrical bits from ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, ‘Love Comes Quickly’ by the Pet Shop Boys, and (forgive my comma splice MLA) … Weird Al!!!!!!!!

    Again, Congratulations!

    • those arn’t even his songs Jeter. Thats sad your a fan of him.

      • oppps replied to wrong thing.

  85. I love ur songs!!! u rock keep them songs a comin!

  86. Its a bummer you lost a grammy to a christmas album.:( This year was almost handed to you. Well, there s next year.

  87. Al, please do a parody of the song “Poker Face”, but call it “Butter Face”. The song could be about women with great bodies and faces that could make trains take dirt roads. There are endless possibilities for this video!!!! When this song parody makes millions, please remember me….my email is provided.

    Adam (long time weird al fan)

  88. Hey Al, thanks for the update! I have a suggestion. The good people at Tapulous in Palto Alto, CA, you know that place where Facebook is, said I can ask you about getting some of your music into their hit iPhone game, Tap Tap Revenge 3. All you need to do is contact them and sort out a deal to appear as a free track or payed music. Their web site is http://www.tapulous.com. Thanks and I hope to see your music in their game! (P.S. – Their CEO’s email is Bart(at)tapulous(dot)com and he does answer e-mails)

  89. Al-
    You need to do a parody of Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance” – only you should do a “Bad Bromance” Would be highlarious!

  90. If only it were a sequel to UHF… I think that would make for an amazing movie.

    • Sandy "Beezley" Stua
    • Posted February 5, 2010 at 12:55 PM
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    Al – I don’t know if you remember me from Lynwood High School – but I am the one who got married the summer of 1973, but stayed in High School. I watched the BIO channel the other night and saw that yur parents had passed. I just wnted to say how sorry I was to hear that – they were such great caring people. So very sorry for your loss. I also wanted to mention that your name “Weird Al” came about in High School – I even have my year book – where you signed it “Weird Al” … Lot’s of great memories. Anyway – hope you and your family are doing well…Kindest Regards – Sandy

  91. You need to write a parodie of all you need is love called all you need is pie

  92. Hi Al. Do you remember me? I’m Jim’s son Jake. I’m really excited to see your new show/thing. I also really like Virus Alert. the end :D

  93. I forgot to mention this earlyer, you rule weird al!!!!

  94. Al,
    Just keep it real with your off-the-wall but original comedy. Looking forward to it.

  95. Sorry, I know this comments does not pertain to your latest blog. Can’t think of any other ways to reach you and I am desperate. Valentine’s Day is coming. I want this to be a huge surprise for my hubby. He’s a big fan of yours. A surprise visit would be too much to ask?? How about a surprise hello…a phonecall….something to let him know that his favourite artist is contacting him on Valentine’s day. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee……

  96. Is Al ever going to tour in the UK because I really want to see him live but there’s no chance I’m going to be able to afford to go to the States.

    • White and Nerdy Fan!
    • Posted February 16, 2010 at 12:12 PM
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    Al! You gotta do a concert in the SF Bay Area! The closest one you are doing this year is Sacramento and it’s on a Monday! You can’t get more Weird than Berkeley!

  97. I can not wait to see it. I know it should be funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. I can not wait. You r awesome. :-)

  99. Hey Al this is great news.Congrats..
    I have been waiting for an action from you:) It will be good to see you back on the stage again :)
    Go for it…

  100. Absolutely awsome post! great post to bookmark, thank you!

  101. Al cartoon network is my faveorite cartoon channel (yes i am a kid). My friend and I my are probally the biggest fans of you in the entire 5th grade!scratch that make it the whole school! And when will you be coming to Ca? oh ya one more thing when I was little i saw you concert at the Orange County fair!

  102. um i know you probally won’t answer but, are you going to make any more songs because i have a GREAT idea.Its about the i kissed a girl thing i know you will like it.XD

  103. i may not know alot about tv business but just because its cartoon network doesn’t mean the star has to be teenage! stand up for your self i mean dod eat dod in this world now!(yes stating one more time i am a kid)

  104. oops on my other comment i meant dog eat dog not dod eat dod

  105. Think Austin Powers…Think Goldmember…Think parody of Smoke on the Water…Thing Smoke and a Pancake…da da dah!

  106. Please book a tour performance at the Genesee Theater in Waukegan, IL THANKS

  107. Omg sooooo excited lol ur hilarious dude

  108. I know you will be hard to accept me on msn because it has so many fans is not it? well well I was once told “Never lose hope” well let’s see if my hope that you read this becomes reality I love their music
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  110. please accept me on msn talk to you is my dream al! =( Just wanted to chat with you please =)

  111. You rule weird al!!!!!!!!! I still say you need to do all you need is pie

  112. Does anyone know where the tour will be?IMG_0326.PNG

  113. What are you doing after the movie

  114. how am i sapposed to go on your tour when you do crazy shit like go from deleware to pennsylvania.. i swear ill try my hardest to get to every show. you will notice us! =D
    peace n love n light

  115. wierd al’s song white and nerdy, what song is that making fun of

    • Ridin’ dirty

  116. You should really do a song about pie i am a huge fan of yours and would really like it if you wrote a song about pie!!!!!!!!

  117. al i have a suggestion if you could turn the ultimate showdown into the ultimate chowdown. it would be ur best in my opinion

  118. okay.. you guys are going to think im nuts but me and my friend re wrote a parody to taylor swift’s Our Song, it was about our fat lazy neighbor… we sang it to him. today we got the idea of sending it to wierd al and seeing what he thought about our song… (: does anybody know how we can contact him??

    • re: morgan&gabby and (everybody else who’s asked)

      Al has no interest in your parody (or parody idea). He won’t listen to it or read it, because then HE couldn’t do a parody that was even vaguely similar without you being able to legitimately claim he stole your idea.

      If you’re really interested in doing parodies, record it yourself. If it’s any good try sending it to Dr. Demento or post it on the net somewhere and submit it to the thefump.com or something.

  119. Okay…so I just had a suggestion for another song. Imma Be by The Black Eyed Peas. How hysterical would it be to have a music video where Weird Al comes out in a video dressed in a gigantic bumble bee costume singing “I’m a bee! I’m a bee!”?

  120. I am an up-and-coming actor. Can you let me know when and where auditions will take place for your movie?

  121. Al,
    I think you should make a parody of We The Kings “She Takes Me High” I can see it now….”She Makes Me High” by Weird Al lol

  122. Al, Can you use this?

    Jesus loves the little kitties
    All the little kitties in the world
    Be they yellow, black or white
    They are precocious in his sight
    Jesus loves the little kitties in the world!

    Every Kitty’s beautiful in its own way
    Kitties love a starry night
    Or a snow covered winter’s day
    And every kitty’s beautiful in their own way
    Under God’s heaven
    All kitties will find their way

    There’s no ball of twine
    With which they will not play
    A wind up mouse is fine
    They’ll chase it every day

    For every hour that passes by
    They don’t seem to get any bit older
    They’ll sleep and play and play and sleep
    Or climb up on our shoulders


    Kitties don’t care about the length of our hair
    Or whether we’re fat or thin
    They just know where their Little Friskies come from
    And warmth they fell within

    Kitties got it all together now
    I know everything is gonna work out fine
    They know where the litter box is and what it’s used for
    They’ve straightened it out in their mind

  123. That’s Great AL! Do you have a music production company/label by any chance? We read on a site that you are a church of christ member? That would be awesome! If so, we are to! God Bless
    Congrats with the CN :)

    Romans 16:16

  124. one question…. When and where are the auditions? I want to be in it!

  125. im ultra excitedd for yourr tour this summer yay! yeah , umm so anyways what are the ticket prices for your tour this summer please write back AL i cant find the prices and i need to go to atleast onee concert and meet you ! yay pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! and would you mind bringing bringing a cute little panda on thee stage that dances ! yeah and SOUR CROUT AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

  126. This should be Nature Trail to Hell. YES.

  127. Dude you rock. Your music made me wanna start a band. So I did! I really love your music!! BTW you might wanna say sorry to my mom because now I won’t stop asking her to get me a segway! Lol!! Dude I might be coming to one of your shows! BTW, Your movie is gunna rock!

  128. Al…you’ve done some amazing songs, but I do think that there is still one that needs to be written…”My Diabetes” kindof an ode to Wilford Brimmley to the tune of “My Adidas” by Run DMC. It came to me in the bar the other night, I just couldn’t think of anything that rhymes with insulin, and if there is anyone who can it’s you. I look forward to hearing it.

  129. Al = Greatness

    More live programming on Cartoon Network = another nail in their coffin.

  130. I have a song that could be a good parody the song “I’m Amadaius” can be turnes into “Hot Potatoes” instead my family realized that a while ago and wanted to put that out there also good luck on the film :-)

  131. I’m a fan of alot of music types, many different types of rock, country, alittle rap/hiphop(very,very tiny amount), and then of course, your music. What i was wondering was, if u could do a parody song of one of ozzy osbourne’s or marilyn manson’s songs because although they are 2 of my favorites i couldn’t find any parodies on any of their songs from u, and i think there needs to be at least one.so maybe think about it, it would be very cool 4 u to do that. thanks

  132. :D

  133. instead of lady gag’s poker face u should make a parody called smokers cough

  134. His greatest song ever:

  135. Hey Al, You know how women look like a joker face after a face lift? How about a parody from Lady Ga Ga’s Poker Face?

    My my my my my my JOKER FACE. lol

  136. I just want to tell Wierd AL how much my 3 year old daughter loves you! We watch your old videos on youtube all the time and her favorites are Fat, Eat It and Like A Surgeon. Videos that I watched when I was a kid! You really are the greatest and funniest!

  137. When are you coming to Sweden? Or to Europe at least?

  138. HI Al I am a guy who lives in Sweden and is a very big fan of you you are my god and my idol:) now so that they do not even have that much money and can not afford to go out to you and look at you. yes wondering if you think you can or will come to Sweden and play maybe in the globe or would like va wonderful if you kunnde it with Yours sincerely if you want so feel free to write a reply to my mail otherwise may well try to find answers to anything otherwise:) Hotmail is blackblock1993@hotmail.com

  139. Hey Al,


    Shredd: The Jon Johsonsen Story. That is the name of your movie right?

  140. Mr. Al,

    I loved yer songs as a kid, thx fer the laughs, this songs only six words long, awesome …. anyhow you must 6 million request for new songs…. i’m going to ask for one too…. politcal satire maybe bring some laughs to the mideast…. “flotilla” instead of ‘umbrella’ is my 2 cents , “under my flotilla” (i love that word … flotilla” ….. anyhow i’ll be watchin fer u on adult swim!

  141. this message is only six words long haha j/k

    love yer music as a kid and still enjoy it as an adult….

    Was wondering if you would do a “flotilla” song?

    I love that word….. Maybe like instead of “Umbrella” use “Flotilla” make some laughs in the middle east…. might be too bold anyhow hope you arent easily annoyed by the 6 million suggestions for new songs you probably get….

    look forward to seeing you on cartoon network!

  142. Mr.Al why doesn’t half the world know about you? Why don’t you advertise more? Why am i typing with my mouth full of cheese while standing on a toilet and well never mind, all you need to know is that your awesome and it would be awesome if you called me because me and my friend want to get into the business oh well here is my number! 330 397 8813. well i guess that’s all and the microwave head tanning doesn’t work that good, thanks!

  143. i am a big fan

  144. Grew up with and have been inspired by Weird Al’s work in a profound way. Here is a tribute parody to both you and MJ. Get at me dawg! lol

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