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Written by Pinky Bean

'What Not to Wear' keeps clothing waste out of landfills

Posted by Pinky Bean on September 25, 2008 5:07 PM Filed Under: Clothes

Can't get enough of TLC's popular show "What Not to Wear?" You're not alone. Every week, individuals across North American tune in to watch hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly perform style makeovers on walking fashion disasters. The show's basic premise has London and Clinton educating said fashion victims about how truly clueless they are when it comes to dressing well and then handing over a $5000 credit card to be used for a new wardrobe after an in-depth and often grueling analysis of the individual's closet.

One of the show's activities involves throwing away every last item in the fashion victim's closet into a large trash can, accompanied by many snarky comments. It sounds vicious, but they manage to do it with enough charm that the person on the receiving end doesn't try to throw themselves in front of a moving vehicle. However, with a brand-new wardrobe and all of those clothes being thrown into what looks like the garbage, inquiring minds wanted to know if all of that apparel made it's way to a landfill or if the trash can is just for show. After some digging and a visit to Kelly's personal website (which you can see after the jump), the answer was revealed in Q&A form:

Do you really throw away the clothes?

Kelly: I'm so sick of this question. I swear I'm going to strangle the next person who asks me. I don't throw them away. But the producers do. Well, actually they give away to charity anything that isn't too disgusting

It should be noted that Kelly was interviewing himself and wasn't actually being facetious toward and unsuspecting reporter. But there you have it, the answer to one of the biggest questions the eco-concerned ask while watching the show. And if Kelly is sick of answering that question, that must mean there are a lot of like-minded individuals out there who want to make sure the show handles their clothing waste appropriately. Let's hope that "anything too disgusting" to make it into the donation pile finds a secondary purpose as well.

Watch the video below; about 30 seconds in you'll be able to see part of the trash can ritual for yourself.

» Clinton Kelly (Official Site)

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