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���� Regarding Mr. Vassallo's "Cancer Center Expansion." There is always two sides to every story. Perhaps a visit to Burholme Park would reveal the destruction this proposal�would pose�to the park. First of all no one who disagrees with the expansion into Burholme Park is against cancer research, they are however against destroying park land and leaving Burholme with only a recreation area for organized activities.
��� The park is located in a very densely populated area where thousands of people have come for 94 years to relax, picnic and enjoy the quiet solitude. The park is home of Ryerss Museum and Library. There is a small parking lot and a carriage house, children's playground and picnic area that will be effected by these changes.
��� The replacement property being offered in no way benefits Burholme Park.To make up for the lost park land, Fox Chase Cancer Center has stated that it would fund the purchase of an equal amount of new park land.� If the new park land is purchased outside of the Burholme community, how is that going to benefit our neighborhood?� Why should we go 20/30/40 minutes away to a park when we could just walk down the street?� Research and technology is a must for our future but do we really need to destroy park property to attain our unguaranteed goals? Buildings and parking lots will come and go but the park land that is destroyed will never be replaced and the park which is a joy to our communities will be lost forever.�
����The mission of the Fairmount Park Commission is to preserve and protect its open space, provide opportunities for recreation, and maintain the landscapes and structures, streams and woodlands that exist within its 8,700 acres. The 63 neighborhood and regional parks managed by the Park Commission comprise the largest municipally operated landscaped park system in the United States.� IN VIEW OF THAT, PLEASE PRESERVE OUR BURHOLME PARK.
��� We ask you to carefully study this proposal and see how it destroys our large picnic area. The new picnic area proposed would sit between baseball fields and heavy traffic of Cottman Ave, and the area would become even smaller, when a parking lot and children's playground are added. Not only would Burholme Park become smaller but now consider the parking needed for 6,000 new employees and entrances and exits for all new traffic.�
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