Unless Bradley Manning is not prosecuted — which I think is highly unlikely — he’s going to need a lot of support and help.

So, here’s a general call for volunteers, immediately, in the following areas:

  • Campaign coordinator(s): I’m an IT guy by trade and a translator by profession, and not much of an organizer of people. I’d like to eventually hand off the coordination role to someone passionate about the cause, preferably experienced in organizing, and who has the time to do it.
  • Writers: One aspect of this campaign is to influence public opinion. To that end, we need people writing on-topic, current material on an ongoing basis. Articles could be published here either under your name or pseudonymously, and material already published elsewhere is welcome.
  • Wiki writers: This site is already trying to automatically compile an archive of links to news stories mentioning Bradley Manning. Over at bradleymanning.org/wiki there is a “Press coverage” page attempting to build a more coherent view of developments in the press. Head over, create an account and see where you can contribute in collecting and collating information.
  • Promoters and fans: Spread knowledge of this site any way you can: email articles to your friends, share on social media sites, post to Facebook and Twitter, etc. Join the forum, introduce yourself and start some conversation. Encourage interested others to do the same.
  • WikiLeaks liaison(s): WikiLeaks has stated in the press that they are in the process of arranging legal counsel for Bradley. Therefore, I think all fundraising for his legal defense should flow through WikiLeaks and we should not create a parallel channel. In this and other matters, the grassroots needs someone to interface with WikiLeaks and ensure that what we’re doing is coordinated.
  • Media coordinator(s): Leveraging the traditional media is an important part of any successful activist campaign. People with experience in maintaining media databases, placing op-eds, representing the campaign as press spokespeople, etc., are needed.

If you’d like to contribute in any of these areas, or you have a suggestion for something missing, please either leave it in the comments or send it to me by email. My address is mike at gogulski dot com.

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7 Responses to “Volunteers needed to help Bradley Manning”

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  2. Gerry says:

    You need to create a petition on behalf of Bradley Manning, which people could sign and which would automatically go to their respective Congressional Representative and Senators.
    I bet you most people will sign it.

    It works, and so do phone calls.

  3. Maria says:

    I’ve been linking this where I can. I was shocked, even though I shouldn’t be. I mean, look who we are dealing with here.
    My heart bleeds for those killed in cold-blood. The men who stopped their van to help. Everybody slaughtered that day.
    It is a crime and should be punished. Along with the US president who ordered the initial invasion of a sovereign nation.
    The perpetrators should go to prison for a long, long time. How could they laugh? How could they be so flippant whilst mowing down innocents in a hail of bullets and missiles. I have never watched anything so disgusting in my life.

    • Mike Gogulski says:

      @Maria: Thank you for commenting here, and for spreading the word.

      I am not certain what value putting the perpetrators in prison would have in terms of relieving the pain of the families of the people who died that day, nor of the two injured children who are now living with enormous physical, emotional and psychological trauma.

      But I share your outrage, without limit. The sad fact is that there will never be any justice for those injured and killed, or for their survivors. I hope that we can prevent massive injustice, though, befalling Bradley Manning.

  4. Mike Gogulski says:

    @Gerry: You’re absolutely right. Would you like to coordinate that effort, or lend me some support in gathering the resources to do it effectively?

  5. Maria says:

    Is the main news media totally ignoring this story?

  6. Mike Gogulski says:

    @Maria: I don’t think so.

    If you go to google news (http://news.google.com/) and search for bradley-manning you’re going to find going on 1,000 articles as of right now. We might wish for more coverage, but this does not amount to the story being ignored.

    The software here is trying to capture excerpts of and links to those. See the right sidebar or the “syndicated news” category link at the top.

    That said, the amount of original and useful journalism is being drowned out in the noise, not to mention that the first-source “journalist” for this circumstance is Kevin Poulsen, a friend of Lamo and someone who *ALSO* should have known better than to reveal a source.

    What we -can- and -ought- to do is write letters to the editor on this topic. If you want to do that, any time you see a news article from any publication, go to http://www.mapinc.org and look at their media database. You will find letters-to-the-editor contact information for a huge number of publications.

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