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Profiles Directory enables you to conduct searches for people, departments, grants, and publications at Columbia; view information about each of these entities; and follow links to related entities and find e-mail addresses and Web sites.

Information displayed by Profiles Directory is extracted directly from databases of Columbia University and the National Library of Medicine.

Each page in the Profiles Directory is a profile of an entity: person, department, grant, or publication. Each page consists of three panels. The left panel has links to search pages for persons, departments, grants and publications. The center panel describes the entity and provides information such as name, key people, e-mail and links to Web pages. The right panel provides links to the profiles for related entities (persons, departments, grants and publications).

Clicking on one of left panel links brings up an input box. Here, you can enter search terms as you would in Google™ and other popular search engines. Examples for grants:

SearchResultNumber of results
brain cellGrants with words "brain" or "cell"31
brain AND cell Grants with words "brain" and "injury"2
"brain cell" Grants with phrase "brain cell"1
brain NOT cellGrants with word "brain" but not "cell"19
neuron AND (injury OR infarct)Grants with word "brain", and either "injury" or "infarct"2

Click on a result to see its profile. Use your browser's "back" button to return to the list of results.

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