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Posted on April 28, 2006

Google AdSense is currently the reigning King of contextual advertising services. But the King always faces challengers to the throne. Kontera, Chitika and Intellitext have managed to absorb a small... Continue Reading

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Amazing Juggling Finale

Posted on April 27, 2006

Chris Bliss has rocked the online world with one of the coolest videos I've ever seen. If you are a fun of the Beatles or juggling (huh?), you will really... Continue Reading

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Vacation in Kauai

Posted on April 25, 2006

I've been home from Kauai long enough to really begin missing it. The island and resort were so beautiful. It was difficult to come home. We spent the week at... Continue Reading

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Family Game Night

Posted on April 24, 2006

I love to play games with my family. Board games, card games, party games. We like them all. Sure, sometimes we have a hard time agreeing on what to play... Continue Reading

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Posted on April 23, 2006

Tupperware. Say it with me. Tupperware. One more time. Tupperware. Continue Reading

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A Kauai Paradise

Posted on April 22, 2006

My family and I just returned from a wonderful week in Kauai, Hawaii. I'll say this. Six nights is not long enough to be in paradise. And a paradise it... Continue Reading

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The Accelerated Success System

Posted on April 20, 2006

I recently received a phone call from Jason Dinner, an associate of Mike Filsaime's. Since Mike is a superstar in my book, I wanted to hear what Jason had to... Continue Reading

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Dallas Internet Marketing Seminar

Posted on April 18, 2006

So here's the deal. I met this bloke in Charlotte, North Carolina last November. I can call him a "bloke" because he is decidedly British. His name is Robert Puddy... Continue Reading

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Creative Sponsorships to Get Traffic and Branding

Posted on April 16, 2006

There are so many ways to promote business online. Adsense is a focus for me, because it has been so lucrative, and because there are so many businesses building their... Continue Reading

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Posted on April 15, 2006

A friend told me that he had something to show me that had to be seen to be believed. He said it is called a hydroflyer. Ok, I'm game. What's... Continue Reading

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Cracker Barrel Junk

Posted on April 13, 2006

I like the food at The Cracker Barrel. It's usually pretty good, whether we go there for breakfast or dinner. They have done a great job of positioning themselves as... Continue Reading

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Sony PSP

Posted on April 12, 2006

I did it. I bit the PSP bullet and forked over my cash to Sony. I've been playing video games and computer games ever since there was such a beast... Continue Reading

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Blogging for Dollars

Posted on April 11, 2006

A few months back, I started a blogging network that would allow beginners to get started with blogging and allow them to earn some AdSense cash for their efforts. The... Continue Reading

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Posted on April 10, 2006

It's been just over a year since I first discussed my experiences with Arbonne, the multi-level marketing skin-care company. Since that time, over 600 comments have been posted to that... Continue Reading

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My Space

Posted on April 8, 2006

With over 65,000,000 members, Rupert Murdoch's My Space is a juggernaut in the online world. Sure, it is largely a wasteland of 18 to 22 year olds trying to "hook... Continue Reading

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Tax Time

Posted on April 6, 2006

There are two things you can't avoid in life. Death and taxes. And McDonalds. Ok, THREE things you can't avoid in life. Out of the three, one of them signifies... Continue Reading

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Me and Mini-Me

Posted on April 5, 2006

Last week, I wrote about my encounter with Vern Troyer, the actor who portrayed "Mini Me" in the Austin Powers movies. It didn't go all that well. Regardless, I just... Continue Reading

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The Power of the Mastermind

Posted on April 4, 2006

I am currently in a top-secret location with an unnamed group of people. What do we have in common? We are all online entreprenuers. Why gather? Because when people get... Continue Reading

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MSN AdCenter Rejects My Ads

Posted on April 1, 2006

I got invited to the beta test of the MSN AdCenter a month or so ago. Not many people have had the opportunity to advertise via MSN, so I thought... Continue Reading

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