Anti-Semitism is moving into the mainstream.

by Lior Zagury

My name is Lior Zagury and I’m a very proud Israeli Jew.

Yes, it is important for me to present myself in this way, especially today when there is a feeling that there is a festival for anti-Semites.

I just came back yesterday from Poland after 8 days of having the privilege of guiding the Inter Disciplinary university students in the death camps. These students, studying in Israel were Jews, Christians and Muslims. Five huge armed commando Polish soldiers with rifles and pistols needed to secure our check in to EL-AL flight to Israel from the Warsaw airport.

I know that you got at least 100 e-mails about the flotilla to Gaza and I will not repeat what was said there. I want to speak about something much bigger that is happening now.

The header of my letter wasn’t taken from the streets of Berlin in 1933 when the Nazi’s came to power, not from the neighborhoods of Warsaw in 1941 when the Jews lived in the Ghetto, and not even from the shops of Kielce after the Second World War in 1946, just before the pogrom that made Jews understand that there isn’t a safe place for them and they need to leave Europe.

The header was taken from signs that were hanged at the entrance to big markets and offices in Turkey in the past few days, in June of 2010 and similar signs that were hung in Jordan. The signs say: “We do not receive dogs & Israelis” as you can see in the photo.

What we see around us is not about the flotilla and Gaza. It is a very sophisticated plan to demolish the legitimacy of the existence of the Jewish state of Israel.

In his first speech at the German Reichstag at 1/30/1933 Hitler said the cause of all the world problems is world Jewry. Most of the people didn’t take him seriously and felt very safe in their countries, trusting their governments. Twelve years later we lost 6 million Jews in the Holocaust in the worst way that human kind has ever known.

These days, 65 years after, Achmadinijad from Iran and many others say exactly the same. The history repeats itself. Most of the people do not take him seriously and feel very safe in their countries, trusting their governments.....

This is a wake up call.

If you will ignore it and convince yourselves that this is not the mainstream, this is just a passing storm and that it will never happen to us -- sooner or later, you might find those restrictions in your backyard, in your favorite restaurant, in your great bar and in your amazing university as it was 75 years ago. A few months ago, an Arab restaurant in Haifa didn’t allow Israeli soldiers to come in and eat.

We need your support now more then ever. We need to raise our heads, speak in a very clear and loud voice and especially be one, united. I have a complete and strong confidence in our nation.

Israel has the most moral army in the world, it is the only democracy in the world that in each and every given moment there are thousands of missiles and rockets ready to be launched to the central of its cities from enemies that want to erase us, and the only place in the world that a Jew can just be a Jew and feel completely safe about it.

We promised NEVER AGAIN. Don’t wait to say we didn’t know.


Published: Saturday, June 19, 2010
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  • (24) Sojourner Truth, June 22, 2010

    Wonderful reminder!

    Thank You Lior for your precious words. Ostriches bury their heads in the sand. When I hear some so-called liberal Jews... critical of Israel's need to be on high alert from their terrorist neighbors...I know they are either ignorant, or in denial of their history. The world is an unsafe place for Jews...imagine to be hated if one is passive, and condemned if one is strong and self-protective. It's called "heads you lose, tails you lose" . Like the Warsaw Ghetto Partisans who stood up in a hostile climate, so should all those who value democracy. To the terrorists... NO PASARAN!

  • (23) Fred, June 22, 2010

    I Agree With Lior

    Well written article. Very true. What more can we say except fight back and stay strong.

  • (22) Liz, June 22, 2010

    This is a great article and so very true. I would like to quote an article I've read, which I think is befitting: "Many modern Jews are totally disconnected from history. They feel that the times are so civilized and so modern that extreme bigotry and persecution cannot happen anymore. They don't realize that Jews have had these very same "safe" feelings on many occasions during our history and yet they were ultimately persecuted. To them, moderns disparaging the Jews is no different from American's disparaging the French, for example. We're certainly not going to kill the French. It's just talk. Or is it? Somehow, when it comes to the Jews it IS different and people kill Jews. Civilized societies like Germany, where Jews were in every facet of business, culture, and politics, let it happen less than 100 years ago. I don't know how we get people to wake up about this. I guess it's the age old problem that finally when the Spanish, or the Polish, or the Cossacks, come to your door, one is awakened."

  • (21) Anonymous, June 22, 2010

    Never again?

    Lior, it is wonderful that you are proud of your Jewish identity. Being Jewish means that at Mount Sinai 3,322 years ago we entered into a covenant with G-d. We agreed to the terms and it clearly stipulates what the consequesnces will be if we keep our side, and what they will be if we don't. It clearly states that if we do not keep the covenant (Torah and mitzvot) then we will suffer at the hands of our enemies. Read through Chumash Devarim and see for yourself. I will never forget the summer when the Olso accords came to be, listening to the Torah reading each Shabbat and thinking, "This is really happening! If we defile the land by our deeds, we don't get to keep it!" It is the same with anti-Semitism. It is G-d's way of showing us that we are off balance and need to work on centering ourselves and our lives according to G-d's will. We can never say "Never Again" because it is not in our hands to control our destiny. It never was and never will be, not in Israel and not in the Diaspora. Our sages say "Everything is in the hands of Heaven except for fear of Heaven." The only thing that is under our control is our fear of Heaven. Everything, but EVERYTHING else is not our choice. We can choose our thoughts, words and actions based on our fear of Heaven (or lack of it), but we do not control the outcome. We are not safe in Israel when Iran is close to having a nuclear bomb and declares its intention to wipe Israel off the map. We are not safe anywhere else either. We will be safe when we Jews as a whole return to G-d and keep the covenant. G-d then guarantees our safety. Chazak v'ematz.

  • (20) Omar Hatab, June 22, 2010

    Jews must be considered as a reference guide to Muslims.

    Arabs and Muslims are drifted away along their lives through wrong ideas around Jews. True Islam motivate Muslims to ask the Jews religious men in case they are in doubt of the instructions of G-D. So Jews must be considered as a reference guide to Muslims, but the Arab and Muslim governments deny these attitudes. They deny a fundamental right G-D has decided it to Jews.

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