Emily Peyton
We are happy to present to you the answer to your discontent. Our candidate , Peyton, is Independent specifically to build a transpartisan alliance joining commonality among parties.

We see party politics as detrimental to the common good. Let's be clear about our overarching predicament. Too many of us are allowing contol of our future by too few. How shall we each own responsibility for the future that we desire? Peyton has the tools to empower us to hold that responsibility collectively.
As you may know, our approach to you is completely from the heart and does notconcern itself with commercialism. This candidate is more interested in the health and happiness of the people and the planet than her own personal financial gain,status or power.

In her years as an activist, she has studied the causes of unfairness and the courses of action ready to remedy it.

She holds no allegiance to corporate structure and instead is thoroughly dedicated to the natural growth of organic community. Insofar as you recognize yourself in her movement, each and every one of you’ll be free to be responsible for the empowerment that follows.

The anger toward government and corporations is wasteful. Peyton will insist on the employment of our unlimited imagination, our total compassion and our strength of will. We work together. We work for the good of all. We embrace our highest potential.

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