Jun 21 2010 01:44 PM ET

'Glee' exclusive: Charice IS joining the cast!

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Charice-Lea-MicheleStop me if you’ve heard this one before: Charice is joining Glee.

No, really this time!

When that rumor began to spread earlier this month via her loose-lipped manager, Charice herself shot it down via Twitter. “I just want to let you all know, that it’s not true that I’m going to be on Glee,” she said.

Well, it’s true now! Sources confirm to me exclusively that the international pop star is signed, sealed, and delivered to recur next season as a foreign exchange student whose killer vocals get Rachel (Lea Michele) contemplating murder.

Not literally, mind you.

So what do you think?

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  • mareen

    No one can beat Lea Michele!!
    I love her<3

    • wtf

      you’ve obviously never heard Charice sing. DAMN that girl is talented.

      • harry

        True that!!!

      • jan

        OMG! CHARICE is a SUper Talented Girl.. and her voice is so amazing ..lol

      • krista0

        double TRUE that!

      • jared4ever

        She’s an incredible young talent!

      • Jim

        can she act??? Gell doesn’t need another sos so actor.

      • Kris

        Gell ha, that’s what my aunt calls it. I know what you mean about so so actors. *cough* Dianna Agron *cough*

      • Mungo

        I’m really on the fence. I like Charice’s singing (cautious about her acting ability), but I’m VERY concerned that Ryan Murphy is losing the focus of what made the show great (particularly the first 13 eps) with the fun snarkiness and the development of the characters. In between Charice, Susan Boyle (reportedly), the 3 new glee members they are casting from the search, the single artist tribute episodes, I’m worried RM’s letting this stunt casting and song tributes determine the story/character development rather than the other way around. I’d really hate to see this show devlove the same way that he let Nip Tuck turn into a huge mess….

      • SXiPPY

        And ugly, she has total man face.

      • Danny

        I agree 1 MILLION percent. Long Live Charice ^_^

      • Chau

        Singer …yes. Can she act?

      • uwsguy102

        I can’t believe someone thinks Dianna Agron is a bad actor!!! (I’m not talking about her SINGING, strictly ACTING.) She’s absolutely amazing and completely underused on this show. If you can’t see that I wonder who you think is good…

      • owen

        @sxippy: there are lot’s of singing artists don’t have that ‘good looking’ appearance like, seal. but they are talented. friend, we are talking about talent here not a beauty contest.

      • Grace

        Not to mention, she’s actually high school aged, unlike most of the rest of the cast…

      • VIDAL

        hahhaa yah this is goin to be a fierce competition…can’t wait

      • me

        uh, yeah. NO.
        she’ll wreck everything.

    • Sabrina

      Seriously. Charice can sing circles around Lea Michele.

      • ARI

        Highley doubt that. I heard her sing in person and yes she can sing her heart out but to say she can sing circles around Lea is insane. Lea is grew up on broadway and multi talented who owns the stage, just rewatch the sectionals a watch her work that crowd.

      • jan

        HEy! ARI.. they give charice a chance.. so.. just quite… Don’t dare compare their voice coz they have their unique voices. And Lea had lots of experiences compared to charice coz shes older than her. but if i were to choose. i’ll choose charice. she has a nice voice compared to your so called lea… dang it!

      • julie

        uh, no, she can’t. she’s got a great voice, i’ll give her that but no way can she sing circles around lea. lea can hold her own with idina menzel, can’t see charice singing with idina and standing out like lea did.

      • KC

        hey ARI, for your info… you know the well-known broadway’s legendary Ms. Lea Salonga? i suggest that you search her commentary about Charice in youtube! quoting, “…. at the end of the day if you’re just so insanely talented, you cannot be ignored! The world would be stupid to ignore you!” Lea Salonga on CHARICE

      • Jeff

        No need to exaggerate.

        They both can sing. At 12 Charice was impressive now she is just another singer IMO.

        I too wonder if she can act.


        @ owen.. i agree.. its not the face were looking at here..charice is just an amazing singer and she has gone so far ohh and Oprah is behind her back…

      • Pam

        Charice has never wowed me like Lea Michele. I guess I’m just really not into Celine Dion-type of singing like the rest of the so-called divas we have in the Philippines. Besides, I don’t think Charice can act.

      • Vureaux

        @Julie, Lea might have been in the theaters for quite a while and Charice may not have been with idina menzel(who’s she?)but she was with David Foster and Friends (well-known singer-performers) which Lea didn’t experience. Moreover, can Lea act before she was discovered as a singer?

      • lizzie

        like what everyone has been concerned about, can she act???

      • Pam

        @Vureaux Lea started as a Broadway actress so of course she could act! I suggest you watch Spring Awakening on youtube to see how good she is in both singing and acting. You should add Wicked to your must-watch list and be amazed by Idina Menzel’s voice. It’s spectacular.

        I’m not dismissing Charice’s talent. I just don’t see how well she could fit into Glee but I’ll just have to wait and see before I say anything bad.

      • lmao

        Real talk yea charice can sing but so can many other youngsters…and to be honest I’m tired of all these filipinos jocking other filipinos and their talent I.e paqiuo charice jabbawokkez come on the only reason they get jocked is cuz they are filipino and its like a fade the in thing to do.wake up they are just regular ass ppl and there are other ppl just as talentd but cuz they ain’t filipino u don’t wanna jock..hella stupid

      • VIDAL

        Why don’t guys give Charice a break…give her a chance.She’ll do well in due time…

      • birdman

        what made Glee a phenomenal hit was because of them multi-talented artists..by that i mean they can sing, portray an expression, dance and act all at the same time. I’ve heard charice sing, but she only wowed audience with her vocal range, but strangely inappropriate at times. She has talent but she is not multitalented. Actors like Diana Agron, sure she may have played lousy parts, but that’s what her character in Glee calls for..with her solo performances on Papa Don’t Preach, and Man’s Man’s world, she did hellava job with her looks and her voice. Now charice singing circles around the Les Miserables star and theatre-honed Lea Michele? I dont think so….

      • Michael

        KC…so what? The point is that both Charice and Lea are immensely talented. I don’t care if “god” came down from the heavens and declared Charice the better singer. It’s a matter of taste. Plus, you conveniently failed to mention that Lea and Charice are both Fillipino, which might have some sway in her allegiance/opinion.

      • SaTrinomaNagkita

        Yes! And Charice has this kind of photographic/voice memory that her song repertoire is as far and wide that she can sing “Fly Me To The Moon” with Michael Buble but he declined to sing it with her as he does not know the lyric, LOL. That’s in YT!

      • jesse


    • Erin Ciriol

      XD I agree with you there.

      Then again, I’ve never heard of Charice….

      I’ve always been a broadway girl myself.

      • RCB

        Find Charice in You Tube so you’ll understand all the hype. She is REALLY good!

      • jan

        i AGree with you RCB.. i don’t even know Lea Michele.. lol.. i never heard nor seen her singing solo without the GLEE cast on OPRAH.. and i don’t even seen the glee cast singing on oprah.. better watch charice on youtube and you’ll be amazed.. lol!

      • Fisher

        Jan, you’ve never herd Lea sing solo? Well, I guess you don’t watch Glee because she’s done it plenty of times on the show. Get on youtube and you should be able to find plenty of video

      • gleefan

        Definitely Youtube her music video “Pyramid”. Take out the Iyaz parts and it could honestly be straight out of a Glee episode…hell it could be her introduction (not making the cuts of Vocal Adrenaline, being ridiculed and tranferring to New Directions).

        She has the right look and could really benefit the show.

      • owen

        girl, your missing a lot. there are lots of charice here in philippines.

      • MsModernVintage

        Indeed, Charice will make Glee more interesting but I just hope that the writers will also take the time to carefully build the characters. There are a lot of underused actors on the show (don’t you think it’s about time they give Mike Chang more lines?). Anyway, Charice is not that great. All the hype was caused by the fact that she was 16 and can sing a Celine Dion song. There are a lot of singers, amateur and professional, who are better than her. There was even this amazing girl on a TV show, only 12 years old, who can definitely sing better than Charice. Just so you guys know.

      • Vureaux

        @Erin Ciriol, FYI Charice is part of David Foster and Friends(Andrea Bocelli, Josh Grovan, Celine Dion, Peter Cetera, etc) award winning performers who sing LIVE not lipsynch. So what’s the comparison between Lea and Charice? I don’t think Lea is a good actress. LEA SALONGA and not Lea Michelle was a best Actress in the Tony Awards (for theaters)! Besides I will prefer Miley Cyrus’ acting compared with Lea’s acting.

      • Vureaux

        @Pam, if Lea is so good in Spring Awakening, how come she has not been recognized until Glee (Same with Idina Menzel)?Just wondering!Definitely Charice can fit in (with her determination)no doubt about that!Btw, good decision…just keep your judgement later and give Charice or anybody for that matter who will be given a chance to join Glee!

      • Amy

        @Vuteaux..check your history…Idina Menzel won a TONY AWARD for her portrayal of Elphaba in Wicked. Plus they know of her as Maureen in RENT.

        MANY MANY MANY people know of her…At least those of us who keep track of theatre and real talent…

      • Steve from Canada

        She’s boring. That song ‘Impossible’ just repeats the word ‘Impossible’ over and over and is over-wrought with emotion that doesn’t ring true.
        If she’s so great, why was it three and a half years ago that she was ‘discovered’ on Ellen (yuk!) and Oprah and she still hasn’t gone anywhere. I only just heard of her for the first time about a month ago.
        Over-rated and way over-hyped.

      • gleefan

        @Steve from Canada: “Impossible” is by Shontelle. Not Charice.

      • STN

        Charice can act. She has acted as herself in a biography in a TV program in the Philippines. She is multi-talented. She can dance (her original passion), draw, play the guitar, and play some piano. Her is so big that not only can she sing as herself, she can literally copy the voices of other people/characters. That’s a trademark of a great and gifted voice.

      • jakee

        FYI: the likes of charice is just an ordinary talent in the Philippines… if she impressed the US, then wake up, there’s more great talent outside US…

      • tina

        @STN: you said so yourself, “she can literally copy the voices of other people/characters”, that’s not really a trademark of a gifted voice.. It would be a gifted voice if she could make the song her own, not just ‘copy’ the originals’..

      • MegaKertz

        I havent seen Lea M singing live unlike Charice. She does it everytime she has concerts. I think Charice is better than her in singing and charice also knows how to perform because if she cant, she wont be recognized by David and Oprah and Ellen too.

    • jan

      No one can beat Lea?? ahahha! in your dream….

      • owen

        agree. lea salonga is lea salonga. it’s like our own julie andrews.

    • HI

      charice is good at singing live…I don’t know if how she will act and sing… lip synching….never seen her done that…hope she will do great

      • metoo

        she made a drama series in philippine. she can act and she is good.

      • STN

        Charice can sing AND dance at the same time. She has exceptional stage presence; she enchants and captivates her audience. No wonder, she’s awesome in Paris. Charice is better watched live on stage than recorded as you’ll be missing half of the picture if it’s not LIVE.

    • ythu

      I like fishsticks

      • Steve from Canada

        Thanks Ralph.

      • Lisa

        First of all! Everyone who has somnething negative to say, just BE QUITE! people hate to see others become successful! Nobody has no control of what God has instored for others, ecpecially Charice! For many, you will never understand her story if you haven’t been in her shoes! So, I give all the blessings and support for all that she has encountered through her struggles to be where she is! Advice for those who are negative….. Jealousy is favored on behalf of Charice and she will make it!!! She has more in her to make it in this industry, more than any of you who puts her down! Goooo Charice and show then what your made of!!

    • Sam

      Relax guys. Lea is the star of the show. I sincerely doubt that they would give Charice a part or a song that would outshine Lea, REGARDLESS of who’s better at it or not.

      • lizzie


      • Amy

        Shall we recall the Rachel/Kurt “Defying Gravity” Diva-off?

      • kelteraj

        I hope that most of you/us Glee fans are aware now, that this wonderful show has been so great to have given all races and faces with tremendous talents a chance to shine and be beautiful..and become amazing actors…just like Walt Disney’s shows wherein a multitude of talents of diff.races have emerged…

      • LA_07

        ..yeah! :)

      • Chaplin

        which Rachel won…look for Defying Gravity on youtube between Rachel/Kurt. Lea outsings Chris (not to take anything away from him, sing he is brilliant).

      • V

        Kurt lost that diva-off on purpose, remember?

    • Michael

      I love Lea, but Charice is the perfect competition for her. I’m excited about this news.

      • jakee

        No way! with due respect, lea has proven her craft.

      • SaTrinomaNagkita

        Well, Lea has to prove it once again. Just wait and see…

    • Captain Sweatpants

      I think she should make out with Rachel. That would be a great storyline. Only prob is that Quinn would get jealous.

    • Kyle

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    • lava F

      Charice will make the Glee more interesting.

    • ceejay

      omg!!! now its really true!! filipino pride! :D

      • Steve from Canada


      • jakee

        What! it’s because she’s in US that makes her Filipino pride? Still proud of those homegrown artists back home, it’s your lost not to discover…

      • jesse

        jake, It is NOT her being the US that makes her Filipino pride and the filipino’s proud. tssss… stupid. It is her being in Glee and being famous internationally that makes filipino’s proud of her. and frankly, being in the US is not much to be proud of. United States is falling down.

    • Kay

      Charice will definitely shine on Glee!!!. so proud of you Charice!!

    • mike

      wooohhh hold your horses.. damn season 2 will be a blast. let’s just see the outcome when charice and lea battle there throughts out. lol

      • mike


      • Sasha


    • Lex

      definitely glee will be more exciting with charice…this will really be a great competition though we all know charice has a very powerful voice

    • juliet623

      You have to hear her sing before you give out your judgement. Glee will be more exciting with Charice. I just can’t wait. =P

    • Joann

      Watch a video of Lea Salonga and Lea Michele sing On My Own. Salonga beats Michele hands down.

    • Rush

      You’re right, no one can over-enunciate like Lea Michelle.

    • RJ

      Yes, she’s def a better singer than Lea Michelle. Youtube her with Celine Dion and listen to her. She has a much more powerful voice. Lea’s a good theater singer, but Charice is a powerful recording artist.

      • Veronica

        The number reason why Lea Salonga got the part of Ms. Saigon is because she sang On My Own for her audition and Cameron was mesmerized!!!

    • Alysa

      Oh yah! in your dreams!!!

    • SaTrinomaNagkita

      Mareen, you should hear her sing a capella and/or without the benefit of a microphone too. She did it in at least 3 FM radio stations and all the DJ’s were in awe! One of them, Wired96.5 – no mic. Catch them all in YT. She’s like a walking jukebox!

    • rallie

      That will be awesome.
      Each has her own voice to be loved and there is nothing to make comparison.

    • Starbright

      She is superb! Very talented girl =)

    • PHX


    • HI
    • jana garcia

      no one can beat Lea michele? Ows.. there are sooo many talented singers out there!.. and please, listen to Charice’s performances first! and see the age difference? She’s just 18 years old! 6 years younger than your idol, Mareen! There’s still a room for improvement! eat your heart out!

    • mmk

      she can act decently,not that good but just ok…she acted as herself in a series in the philippines…her life story was filmed from the very beginning and up to the time she emerged..maybe there is a copy of the trailer in youtube..search MMK Charice

    • mmk

      she can act decently,not that good but just ok…she acted as herself in a series in the philippines…her life story was filmed from the very beginning and up to the time she emerged..maybe there is a copy of the trailer in youtube..search MMK Charice..she acts!

    • journey

      she’s a great singer…and she can act and be funny sometimes.

  • June

    YES. I love it. Someone should show Rachel up, just a bit. Mercedes is great, but they’re not letting her compete with Rachel enough.

    • D

      ..Cause she can’t. Mercedes has a great wail, but Lea Michele is the best singer on the show, bar none.

      • SaTrinomaNagkita

        Well, Lea M. will have run for her money! Once she hears Charice sing, Lea M. will be reduced to tears due to the vocal range, pitch, tonality, and constant power of Charice’s voice!

      • Brandy

        Mercedes can keep up with Rachel & has the more versatile voice; however, she’s mainly showcased as a power belter.

    • Drake

      They won’t. The main character being outshined by a co-star is bad for the writers.

  • Jo-Lee

    GREAT! I love Charice and her vocals can match Rachels/Lea’s

    • SaTrinomaNagkita

      match is an understatement, honestly.

  • laura

    never heard of her. but sounds like an interesting storyline, could be funny if the girl can act.

    • jan

      she’s also an actress in philippines.. lol.. you can watch her on youtube. and i guess you need a subtitles. hahaha

      • lizzie

        actress???? what show or movie??? she is a great singer but never an actress yet..

      • BRAINZ

        She was in that Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, wasn’t she?

        I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t really know if she had any lines other than performing.

      • SaTrinomaNagkita

        She starred in a Philippine drama series on TV where she portrayed herself in her autobiography. On stage 14-year old Charice did a little bit of comedy as seen in Star King, a Korean AI-type of show. It’s in YT.

    • Mel

      Charice can act. If you’re curious, watch her life story posted on YouTube or go to WebScribes’ YT channel–he has it there. In case you haven’t heard her sing yet, she’s got thousands (?)of videos on YT.

    • SaTrinomaNagkita

      Search YT and you’ll see tons, exemplifying Charice’s multi-faceted talents.

  • myx philippines

    yey! go charice!

    • Vureaux

      @lizzie, is Lea’s acting your standard of being a good actress? I guess she needs to receive a Tony Award yet like Lea Salonga did, another pride of the Phils.! So both of them are still in the process of becoming a good actress! Just wait and see!

      • murley

        lea michele being talented doesn’t mean that charice isn’t. calm down. you come off as desperate and pathetic.

  • Savanna

    I’m excited now!

  • sonja

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it, great casting, Charice has such a lovely voice. I also hears that JTimberlake was going to appear as Mr.Shue’s brother. I can’t wait for Season 2.

    • alex

      omg that woudl be funny.. but only if JT grows out his hair before the show so that sue will have double the shue to make briar patch jokes about!

      • p

        If his brother is coming on, can we PLEASE have Victor Garber come back as his dad? Maybe he could sing this time?

      • mysteriousburgos


  • Kendal

    I’m from the UK, and have absolutely no idea who this is (and feel quite bad for it), but I really don’t want any new characters. I don’t think they are needed. The back 9 were disappointing, so adding more characters will just mess it up even more. Grr…

    • KP

      I agree – there are already several charactors – such as Terri, Tina, and Artie, not to mention the two Glee clubbers who don’t talk – who don’t get enough screentime. Adding more characters seems like overkill.

      • mysteriousburgos

        I think they need more talent to justify the Glee clubbers making it past Regionals this time…there is no realistic way they would beat a group like Vocal Adrenaline without more talent.

      • sm

        mysteriousburgos… you seem to forget that Jesse was a senior and therefor not returning and the Vocal Adreniline coach (can’t remember the character’s name) quit. The reason they won Regionals was based on Jesse’s (almost solo) performance.

    • Lea Michelle

      Did you know Lea before Glee? If you are not a Broadway habitue, you would have never known Lea Michelle.. at all…

      • TheOmniphiliac

        Awesome point. The world is huge and it has more talents than you’ve ever known. Glee is making buzz in other parts of the world, would make more buzz if it’ll feature the great artists from the other side of the world.

      • owen

        ms. lea salonga is now doing ‘cats’ here in manila.

      • jesse

        lols. agree. she’s not really that good. Kurt and mercedes are way better than her. If you are going to bring the face off.. kurt lost in purpose okay?

    • johndoe

      Really? Did you experience having a goosebumps while someone sing? Watch this girl Charice and tell me what you think, her videos are all over YT =)

    • Vureaux

      @Kendall, you should level up! No additional characters in any show is BORING. Maybe you should watch more shows so you will learn more. Your concept of a show is so “JURRASIC”. Again LEVEL UP!

      • Pam

        Kendal’s point is, there are too many UNDEVELOPED characters in Glee that adding a new one would probably just make the show more chaotic and “soap opera-like”. Case in point: Molly Shannon’s recurring character Brenda Castle= useless, Other Asian and Shaft= got 2 lines the whole season, Tina= aside from the asian vampire plot w/c was funny but pretty lame, what do we know about her character? There’s just too many to mention, really.

    • kelteraj

      give them all a chance…even if they don’t get to say lines..I bet they wouldn’t trade in their job for the world, right now…we have such a thing called supporting actors and actresses????you can’t have it all but you can still be a part of something great…that’s good enough for most people mind you…

      • vray


  • yay

    So glad this is true! This girl is crazy talented.

    • Vureaux

      @Pam, Kendalls point is that additional char. is not needed and will just make a mess, moreover, the back 9 is disappointing…and your point is there are too many UNDEVELOPED characters that adding more will make it chaotic…My analysis, these 9 or UNDEVELOPED characters did not satisfy the viewers’ expectation, that the director/s don’t want to give them more lines/scene. Additional character like Charice would probably put a spice in the show, it’s as simple as that! Go Charice make us proud!

  • chaster68

    IF this is really confirmed I’m so happy for her and for sure I will follow Glee and I want to say Hi! to all the chaster out there.

  • Ken

    Please quote your sources of this information. Otherwise, it’s just another baseless rumor and just does more damage than good to Charice and her team. If it is true, they have not announced it for a reason. Unless I hear it officially from Charice’s team, I am ignoring it.

    • respect

      um obviously you don’t know michael ausiello, he’s the king of tv scoop, tv producers come to him to spill this kind of news

      • Ken

        I would have thought Charice’s fans would have learned not to get sucked in laike last time. That time it embarassed Cha and her team as well as got her PI manager fired! I’m not gonna buy it until I hear directly from Cha’s team.

      • Ken

        I don’t care who Ausiello is – he ain’t officially in the loop. I will wait for Cha’s team announcement, if any.

      • D

        Hhaahahah seriously Ken, he’s the most in the loop person of anyone in the biz. You idiot.

      • Ken

        I hope it’s true, but you people will never learn. By the way, name calling is not necessary here.

      • Kitt

        For the record, Charice confirmed it on her Twitter an hour ago. So yeah, official.

      • jhayceeh

        CHARICE twitted this news already.

    • alethea_cheszcka

      it’s true, she will be on Glee.

    • Mel

      go to charicemusic.ca, they confirmed that Charice twitted that she’ll be a on season 2 of Glee

    • SaTrinomaNagkita

      Ken, Charice has tweeted and confirmed this around 8am EST, 6/22/2010

  • Mia

    Why do they need new characters? I think they’re good with who they have now.

    • Jp

      They need new characters because their Glee club is at the minimum 12 members and Vocal Ad. had 20 members.

      • ah

        They need new characters because eventually these people will graduate high school and it is best not to replace your entire cast at once.

      • umpang

        because Oprah says so.

    • jesse

      you want to know why? Because thcast is less interesting now. They need more cast to capture the attention of the viewers again. Glee is getting boring.

  • Phil

    Charice performed “Pyramid” before Deborah Cox at the gay club Towne in DC for Cherry Weekend, and let me tell ya, she SANG. No backing track or anything. She has the goods to carry her own weight on GLEE. FOX should cast Idol cast off Tim Urban as Kurt’s bf…he’d make the gay fans thrilled & the ladies would still tune in too…not that they won’t…but it would be nice if Kurt had a hot bf since they’re saying they’re going to rule the school instead of hiding in lockers…just saying…

    • Pipo

      hahaha! TIM URBAN should be Kurt’s boyfriend! watch out Lima, Ohio, it’s KURBAN!

    • Ilban

      I’m with you on that 110%! Everybody has hooked up with someone why not him?! Lol.

  • anthony

    Charice Pempenco? WOah!

    • IICT Gleetard

      hindi guro hindi guro

  • WebScribes

    Charice is perfect for that role and the Glee cast will have a ball with her. Charice has a great personality and the camera loves her her facial expressions and clear skin. And yes, Charice definitely has the killer vocals!

    • saintsfan1775

      I love Charice!! And I love GLEE!! She is gonna be great. YouTube her and you will see Ryan Murphy made a wise decision.

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